Choosing live or recorded music for your wedding

Music Selection for wedding ceremonies is a pretty big deal, more than anyone ever realizes. Music sets the tone for that special day and reflects a little of your personality or be something that is special to you, or at the least, music that you actually like.

A couple can spend a lot of time wading through the virtual soundtrack of their lives together to create list of meaningful and sentimental songs that mean something to you both and your memories.  Once you’ve done your selections of top meaningful songs, now you’ll be left to decide how you’re going to have that music played at your wedding, whether it will be live or recorded music.

Live or recorded?

I think this is an easy answer! Live music is more beautiful and captivating. Having musicians play music during a wedding, It’s like the equivalent to listening to your favorite song on the radio or listening to it being played live right in front of you. There are few who would say they’d prefer the recorded version. Most people would admit, the visual of musical entertainment is far more pleasing than looking at a PA system or an i-pad.

Choosing the right band(Opens in a new browser tab)

The music selection for weddings has changed from being largely classical to anything you want. Live music anymore is not just string quartets and solo violinists (though we have fantastic string quartets), but anything from vibrant singers, to a full dance band. However, although I am all for live music in all shapes and forms, I do completely understand that there are times when it might not be feasible, practical or possible to have live music or even cases, where recorded music is more beneficial. So let’s have a look at some factors which might help determine whether live or not live music might work for you or not.

Groove Merchants Wedding Performance
Groove Merchants Wedding Performance


The money factor has probably got to be the biggest influences over whether people decide to have live music or not, and I think it’s one reason why people don’t even consider this idea in the first place. The biggest thing that a bride and groom should consider during financial divvying of their wedding budget is to put your money into the things that will create the best memories. For the couple, photos and the fun that people have at your wedding is what creates the fondest memories. Oh and of course the dress! When people look back at your wedding will it be the food or the table dressings, the flowers, the invites…No it will be the fun they remember. The dancing, the music, the smiles and the sense of being together. A wedding done right will engage guest and have them talking about the memory of your wedding for a very long time if you remember to have fun. Hiring great entertainment is well worth putting at the top of your budget.

Thinking of booking a DJ? We’ve got you covered!

Venue and Location

Where you are getting married, can also heavily influence your decision to have live music and also what type of musicians to have. If you’re marrying besides a river that requires a little walk through the woods then a string quartet might not be ideal, I’m pretty sure most musicians might not want to lug their equipment down a woodland path, no matter how pretty the scene, but you never know! Wherever you choose to have your wedding, you need to weigh up the suitability of the venue. Will acoustic work? Then maybe try one of our solo guitarists. Will your entertainment require electricity? Will the venue allow live music?  Some venues have restrictions.

Music choices

Make sure upon selecting good entertainment for your wedding day, that it is top notch. Ask the right questions, for your quest of the right music and entertainment. Make sure the songs you wish to make a part of your day can be accommodated and that the entertainment you hire and that they can be good at impromptu as well.

Live music is pretty amazing, whether it’s enjoying your favorite artist at a concert, or listening to a talented yodeler. You get what you pay for! Hire quality wedding entertainment. If you can make it a feature of your wedding, you won’t regret if for a moment.