Vendor Spotlight – Wish Blossom Flowers

We are featuring someone today who has been obsessed with flowers ever since she was a little girl. She creates lush, romantic designs with movement and texture for events and we’re here at the 4U Ranch near Park City, Utah. Our spotlight today is Susie with Wish Blossom Flowers.

Mike: Hi Susie, how are you?

Susie: Good, hi Mike, how are you?

Mike: I’m doing excellent. Your floral arrangements are always so beautiful, this is beautiful! Tell me how you got into floral design.

Susie: Brief short story – as a little girl my mom would walk us through our ranch back home in Wyoming and I just loved walking with her and learning the names of the flowers. Even at a young age I would love to forage for things to create. So my mom would let me do it and I would make things for people and give it as gifts. I didn’t realize it was my calling in life, but it started young.

Mike: This has been a life long passion, it’s not just “let’s just start a business.”

Susie: Right.

Mike: And I know that you have an interesting story about the name of your company “Wish Blossom Flowers.” Tell me about that.

Susie: So actually it’s been a name in the works for years. I didn’t know what I wanted to call my business, and I was thinking about my daughter (she’s actually 17), and I remember when she was little she would walk outside and she would pick up the little dandelion seeds and I’d be like “hey, don’t do that!” And she’d say “but momma, these are wish blossoms and I’m just dancing and I’m dreaming about things.” And it just stuck with me.

Mike: That’s so cute, it’s a great name. This is just so beautiful, what are we doing here? We’re at the 4U Ranch today, what’s going on?

Susie: We’re actually working on a styled shoot, it’s a teaching shoot. I love to participate in shoots because it’s great for marketing and to be able to really showcase my work. Not every bride wants something that’s unique or different, they have a style they are particularly interested in, but this is a way to showcase my style which is definitely filled with texture and movement. I like exuberant and free flowing.

Mike: Yeah and I just feel this flows and works so well within the context of the 4U Ranch. So thank you so much for meeting with us today.

Susie: My pleasure.

Mike: It’s always a pleasure to talk with you. And thanks for joining our spotlight today.

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