Vendor Spotlight – The Bungalow

Today we’re in the heart of Pleasant Grove at the foot of Mt. Timpanogas to visit a venue designed with the romance of an older time.  Stone laden and ivy covered, they’ve been hosting weddings here for nearly 50 years.  Our vendor spotlight today is The Bungalow.

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Adam: I’m here today with Jane and her beautiful granddaughters.  Jane, you guys have been here for 48 years!  Tell me some about the history of this place.

Jane: It’s a wonderful story I love to tell about The Bungalow.  The conception of The Bungalow was from a dream, and by the end of the night I even knew the placement of it, and who would build it – my husband, the dream maker – and that our children would be part of it. Generations, and that also ancestors, the gene pool would come to us and we’d be creating generations of knowledge that we didn’t have at the time.  It was a wonderful, wonderful experience.  

Adam: When you’re here you really do feel like you’re transported out of Pleasant Grove to somewhere entirely different.  How have you guys been able to stay in business for 48 years?

Jane: I’m going to turn to my granddaughters, let them tell the story about being part of this.

Joslyn: I think it’s because she treats her employees, and everyone actually that she comes in contact with, like they’re her own.  It’s not uncommon for the employees to be invited over for dinner, or breakfast, or lunch, or whatever it is that day.  If we’ve had a long day you’re invited to her table and you’re treated like family and they are loyal to her because of that.  

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Jamie: And I think when you’re treated like family as an employee you’re more apt to treat the business like a family.  Your customer service is better, it just goes up a notch.  I think we’ve always done that, and we’ve just tried to always provide the best customer service possible.  I think that’s what’s made it last that long.

Adam: Even just while we’ve been here today you guys move as a unit, you anticipate what each other are going to say, I bet you guys work incredibly well together both at an event and before and afterwords.  Thanks for joining me today, and thanks for joining us for our vendor spotlight of the week.  

Jane, Jamie, Joslyn: Thank you.

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