Vendor Spotlight – Utah Reindeer

With Christmas just around the corner the timing is perfect for this week’s vendor spotlight, a company that provides reindeer for stylized photo shoots and family events.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Utah Reindeer.

Adam: All right we’re here with Jeff and Tinsel from Utah Reindeer.  Jeff, this is amazing, I never would have thought that there is a reindeer event company in Utah.  What kind of events do you guys do?  What does your business actually focus on?

Jeff: Yeah so like you said this is Tinsel, she’s 6 years old, and primarily like you guys can imagine our events are for the holiday season.  In November we focus primarily on photography sessions which include Christmas mini sessions or styled shoots, family pictures, etc.  And then in December we focus more on the business aspect – corporate events, reindeer displays, being outside a business, stores, private family Christmas parties, religious parties. We pretty much do whatever, we’re there, and any type of event you can imagine.

Adam: That sounds great!  And did you grow up doing this?  How did you get into this?

Jeff: So, it’s kindof random, my family we love animals, my wife and I and our kids, and we’ve got alpacas and micro cows, etc. We were just looking on KSL and found some other types of deer for sale, and then I realized I could get caribou, or reindeer, and I said “I’m going to go get some.” And so I packed my bags, took my son up to Washington, and we met Tinsel here and then we decided to buy her and her baby from last year and this year’s baby.  And we got them here this June, so it’s a relatively new experience for us but it’s been a blast. They’re so fun!  Walking them around neighborhoods, the kids they just flock from everywhere, it’s so magical.
Adam: That’s great, we’ve got kids lining up behind us right now actually.  This is definitely one of the more unique and interesting interviews I’ve done. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as well, thanks for joining us for our Utah Live Bands’ Vendor Spotlight of the Week.

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