Vendor Spotlight – Utah Bride and Groom & Bluebird DMC Park City

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I’m at the Goldener Hirsch venue in Park City today while they’re doing a photo shoot for Utah Bride and Groom Magazine.  I’ll be featuring two vendors today in our Spotlight: Maddie Poole from Utah Bride and Groom Magazine, and Meredith Parsons from Bluebird Park City.

Mike: Maddie and Meredith, thanks so much for joining me today.  It’s really cool what you’ve got going on here at the Goldener Hirsch.  Tell me about the shoot today.

Maddie: So this shoot is for the 2021 issue of Utah Bride & Groom.  Basically we’re taking a look at the expanded space here at Goldener Hirsch and marrying the old space with the new space and looking at that juxtaposition, creating a modern vibe with an old world classic vibe. So we’re taking a lot of inspiration from the space itself and translating that into a photo shoot.

Mike: Cool.  And what is the direction with the Utah Bride & Groom Magazine at this point?

Maddie: So right now this is my first issue as editor, and basically I’m just looking towards more diversity, fresher ideas, and a more expanded concept of what a wedding can be.  A wedding isn’t the 20 minutes you spend at the alter, it’s the Yoga in the morning before the event, it’s the horseback riding, you know it’s all the fun little activities that make a wedding special, that create those family moments, that create community.  And I think being able to show that and show places where you can really make that happen for yourselves – like [the Goldener Hirsch] would be a great place to create a sense of community because it is one, right?  So, building that into the magazine, but also building it separately into these inspiration shoots is really important.

Mike: Yeah that’s really exciting.  And Meredith we’ve worked together for many years, not as much here in 2020 because there hasn’t been as many events.  So what is your role today then?

Meredith: My role was really to collaborate with Maddie and the magazine and to help identify a team that can come together and really showcase the hotel in a very meaningful way with embracing, as Maddie well articulated, the traditions of the hotel along with presenting it in a more modern and interesting way.  As a wedding planner here in Park City 90% of our weddings are destination weddings, so really what we do is to work with clients over the course of a weekend and interact with them from the very beginning of arrivals through the very end of going back to the airport over the course of 4 days, and that involves showcasing the beauty of Park City and of Utah. That’s what we really try to involve here in the shoot today which was bringing in local, sustainable elements from Utah and actually from Park City and from Salt Lake. The florist was really integral in actually foraging to help us come up with this amazing look that I think is really exceptional, because even in doing the research for the design I really didn’t come across any images that reflected what I wanted to see in the magazine. So I think that we were able to bring together a dynamic team that was able to capture something very special to Utah itself. I hope that’s what comes through.

Mike: Yeah I think that’s really cool, and I love this venue, how it’s this classic and modern. I love the whole imagery behind it and everything. And Meredith you do not only weddings but you do all kinds of destination events. So I assume there will be lots of corporate events and things here in the future as well?

Meredith: Absolutely.

Mike: Great.  Thank you so much for joining us, both of you, and thanks for watching the vendor spotlight this week.

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