Vendor Spotlight – Stein Eriksen Lodge

Today we’re featuring a venue that showcases the incredible mountain landscape of Park City.  Named after the skier Stein Eriksen, this lodge opened at Deer Valley in 1982 as one of the first luxury condominium hotels in the United States.  We’ve provided entertainment for countless weddings and events here.  Our spotlight today is the Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Mike: Hi Tracy, thanks for joining us today.

Tracy: Hi, how are you?

Mike: Doing great.  So you’re the catering sales manager here, and a lot of people think of Stein’s as this historic and traditional venue but Stein’s does a lot of unique, custom events.  Is that right?

Tracy: That’s true, yes.  We have been here for quite some time in Deer Valley, but all of our events are custom and unique.  Our team actually enjoys doing things like that!  So we will meet with all of our clients that come in and want to host events with us and have tastings, customize the menu, and customize wine pairings.  And we have so many different spaces on property that speak to different types of menus that we do here.  So whether it’s a traditional plated dinner or a tasting menu with a wine pairing or a reception with chef attended stations, we like to customize it for each client.

Mike: Right, ok, and we’re here today at a beautiful wedding that you’re hosting.

Tracy: Yes.

Mike: And you touched on how long Stein’s has been here, I believe it was built early 80’s right?  In fact is it true that it was the first property built in Deer Valley?

Tracy: Yes.

Mike: And how has it changed over the years? It’s been 40 years.

Tracy: Well it’s changed quite a bit.  We opened in 1982, we were the first property on the mountain here when Deer Valley Resort first opened.  Stein Eriksen was brought over from Norway, he’s the Olympic gold medalist

Mike: Which it’s named after.

Tracy: Yes, and he was the director of skiing here at Deer Valley, so he wanted a hotel that represented his home.  Hence our European mountain lodge feel, which we never want to go away from because I think that’s what everybody loves about our property

Mike: Absolutely yeah

Tracy: But we started out with just one little building and then added on.  We have now 170 rooms, we have the largest wine cellar in all of Utah,

Mike: Really?

Tracy: We have a champions club game room, ski shop on property, Deer Valley ticketing window – so there’s just so many things that we’ve added on over the years to stay on top and stay with our five star status.

Mike: Well it’s beautiful, always a pleasure to do an event here.  We probably do more events at Stein Eriksen Lodge than any place else here in Deer Valley or the Park City area.

Tracy: Yes we love having you!

Mike: Well thank you!  Thanks for joining us today, and thanks for watching this vendor spotlight.

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Be sure to check out Stein Eriksen Lodge’s wedding Instagram account, it’s amazing!

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