Vendor Spotlight – Utah Olympic Park

Today we’re up in the mountains at a venue that offers some of the most unique and entertaining hosting in Utah.  Here you can attend the 2002 Winter Games Museum, ride a bobsled, and watch ski jumpers practice and perform during your event.  Our vendor spotlight this week is the Utah Olympic Park.

Adam: Thanks for joining me today Kole.

Kole: You’re welcome, I’m happy to be here.

Adam: So obviously it’s a very unique facility, we can see that behind us, but in addition to you having the museum and having some unique things going on here for the olympic training why should somebody hold their meeting or event here?  What do you have to offer a wedding or an event that other places don’t.

Kole: It’s just one of the most unique experiences, whether it’s a wedding or a big corporate meeting. Just to go into a wedding example, we had a wedding this summer where the couple actually extreme tubed down into [the ceremony] before they walked in!  So that was their grand entrance, we sent them down the 90.  It’s incorporating those unique activities like that.  Same thing for corporate meeting groups.  We have a dozen different meeting rooms that you can go through here, pick and choose what you want, but don’t just make it a normal boring meeting.  We can have a break during the day where we send your whole group out, do extreme tubing, we can get them on a summer bobsled, a winter bobsled, or any other number of activities that we have here.  It’s super unique in that sense where we let you pick and choose what you want to do and everything’s unique.

Adam: I love that, and I am planning to do the bobsled this winter.  I am very excited!  I’ve also done events here where part way through the event the ski jumpers will put on a show and everybody goes nuts for that!  It’s all they talk about for days or weeks afterwords, everybody watching the ski jumpers doing their thing.  You guys are also constantly expanding, working with long term plans.  What are you guys working on and planning for the next year, two years, five years…?

Kole: Yeah so we’re planning quite a bit right now.  As a lot of people know here in Utah we’re actually trying to bid on another olympics, either 2030 or 2034, so there’s constant improvements to the venues that need to be made.  This venue was christened in the late 90’s, some of the technology infrastructure needs to be upgraded, some of the tracks infrastructure needed to be upgraded, and we’re doing that slowly but our main focus here is all about training athletes.  Whether it’s the pool behind us, the new alpine hill that we just got built this last year, we had to redirect and entire road, we had to bring in a bunch of fill dirt to make this new hill, and put in a chair lift that we got from Deer Valley.  In the coming years we’re actually going to be expanding the West Peak which is just to the West of our bobsled track, we’re going to incorporate a giant slalom run, and we’re going to incorporate a huge moguls run.  So it’s going to be a training facility where everyone can come here, literally from 3 years old up to 30 year old olympians will be able to train here.  And the thing is it’s not just a winter thing, right?  We do a lot of winter sport training here, but the summers are so busy and so vibrant with our activities and honestly with training opportunities in the pool, our giant airbag, everything we do in the winter time we try to do in the summer as well.

Adam: That’s great and this is one of the spots I always bring friends when they come in from out of town.  They want to see Park City, they want to hear about the Olympics, they want to see what it’s like in the mountains, we always stop here.  We’ll stop at Main Street, Park City, we’ll go through Big Cottonwood Canyon, and this is one of the spots that they remember the best.  There’s so much going on here, it’s such a unique venue, I really love it.  So thanks for joining me today, and thanks for watching our vendor spotlight of the week.

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