Vendor Spotlight – Goldener Hirsch Deer Valley

Today we’re spotlighting the only family owned luxury hotel in Deer Valley Resort.  Since 1992 it’s been owned and operated by the philanthropic Eccles family.  They’ve opened up a new section of the hotel here in Deer Valley and it’s our spotlight of the week, Goldener Hirsch.

Mike: Thank you so much for joining us today Sarah.  We’ve worked with you for many years and recently you have joined the Goldener Hirsch team as the venue has expanded into this new part of the building.  I want to ask you about the old and the new.  The Goldener Hirsch has a classic traditional historic building here in Deer Valley, why is that tradition important to the venue and to the community?

Sarah Aures: We have been creating family memories for the past 25 years.  We have a really unique destination, it brings a lot of nostalgia to individuals that have been coming year after year.  It was really important for us to be able to expand and invite more people to do so.  In the tradition of keeping a very Austrian feel to our building we’ve connected the buildings by these bridgeways.  We’ve customized wallpapers, we’ve brought in a lot of art to just tie in that European feel in a new modern way.

Mike: Yeah ok so we’re going to show a clip probably of the old merging into the new with this architecture.  What does the future have in store for this new aspect of the venue?

Sarah Aures: Our future is going to be to continue to make life long memories for our guests, but in really unique different spaces.  We have a beautiful rooftop pool, an infinity hot top that hangs over our lobby area, and an amazing cafe.  We’ll have live music in our antler lounge and apres area for people to enjoy whether they were mountain biking, hiking, or skiing in the winter months.  And there’s an absolutely stunning ballroom.  Crystal chandeliers, floor to ceiling windows, really captivating the heart of Silver Lake and Deer Valley.

Mike: This has been really fun to see, thanks so much for the tour and for joining us today. And thank you for watching our Vendor Spotlight this week.

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