Vendor Spotlight – The Azalea

We are spotlighting a venue today that’s mission is to provide a clean, modern, and affordable location for the wedding of your dreams.  Their larger space features tall ceilings, a brick accent wall, twinkling Edison lights, lush live plants, and plenty of natural light.  They also have a smaller space, the primrose room, that features white walls.  Today’s spotlight is The Azalea Event Venue.

Hi Kyrstin, great to meet with you today.

Yeah it’s great to meet you too.

So tell me, this is a newer venue and it started right before the pandemic started.  Tell about what prompted you to start The Azalea.

Yeah so back before Coronavirus we actually started thinking about it when my sister-in-law was getting married. My husband’s from this area and when we were getting married there really wasn’t anything up here so we got married in Utah County which is where I’m from. But then my sister-in-law was getting married and she was looking for a place for her. She really wanted flexibility with her vendors because she had some very specific vendors in mind she wanted to use.  She also really wanted to be able to customize the look of the place and the few things that were in the area were either booked out so far that she couldn’t stand a chance of getting it for her date or they required you to use too many of their house vendors and not the ones that she was wanting.  She couldn’t customize it the way she wanted. So that made us aware of the space that we felt like needed to be filled.  Especially in this corner of the valley that’s growing so much because there’s some really great venues in Salt Lake Valley but there wasn’t hardly anything here, it was just this empty spot.  

Yeah there’s a lot of need over here in Daybreak.

Exactly.  So that is what got us started.  Me and my mother-in-law started talking about it and it just seemed like a good idea.  She ended up deciding she was too busy to take on the project but then I had the idea in my head and so we decided “why not?”

Well fun, it’s beautiful and we love this place.  You and your husband are relatively early in your careers, you’re young.  Is that something that’s been a strength, a challenge for you? 

Good question.  I mean it’s certainly been different. We feel a little funny sometimes when we are networking with other wedding professionals who are obviously a lot older than us.  But we feel like for us at least it’s a strength because we feel like we are so close to the people who are getting married, we understand the situation that they’re in. We were just in it a few years ago ourselves.  Our siblings, our friends, our cousins, the people we know are all in that situation. So we feel like we’re able to better remember how to help a lot of the people in our community that are in need of a wedding venue and in need of help in the general wedding area.  So we feel like we’re better positioned to help them because we remember that.

Yeah, it probably helps them be relaxed a little bit. “This is a peer of mine.”

Yeah it’s totally not like a high pressure situation.

Well I just want to thank you for letting us tour the place and meet with you. And thank you for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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