Vendor Spotlight – Sarah Winward

Our Vendor Spotlight of the Week is Sarah Winward.  Sarah is a florist who feels a personal connection with every arrangement she does.  Based in the Rocky Mountains, Sarah travels the world both to do arrangements and to teach floral design.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Sarah Winward Floral.

Adam: Thank you so much for joining me today Sarah.  One of the things I love about your work is that you really focus on the area and the season for where your event is taking place.  Tell me some about that and what you’ve done in the Rocky Mountains and elsewhere to really tailor the event to the area and the season you’re in.

Sarah: I grew up outside in nature so I feel like I’ve always been really aware of my surroundings and when I work for an event I like to be aware of that to make sure that the event that I’m working on has flowers that feel like they actually belong there. 

So in the mountains lots of times that’s aspen trees, or like we used today lots of mountain weeds, tumble weed, dried stuff off the side of the road.  I’ve traveled all over the world and used giant birch tree branches in Ireland or tropical flowers and seashells from the beach in Thailand.  Wherever I am I just really enjoy diving in and finding something that feels like it fits the place.  

Adam: I love that.  One of the really interesting things that you said to me earlier was that you feel like every flower, every plant has its own personality.  You like putting them together in a way where you don’t just see them, you feel them.  You experience them.  Tell me a little bit about that.

Sarah: Yeah I do.  I look at each flower, or branch, or piece of grass, or whatever it is as an individual.  Because I’m a designer but also just because I feel connected to nature.  When I’m making arrangements I like to look at each piece that I’m using and notice maybe its strengths or its weaknesses and put it into an arrangement accordingly so I’m highlighting its best qualities.  It’s always my goal for whoever is looking at my flowers to really connect with them and have an experience with them.  It’s not just decor on a table, it’s so much more than that.

Adam: I love that.  Thank you very much for joining me Sarah, I love your work, and thanks everybody for joining our vendor spotlight of the week.

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