Vendor Spotlight – Cali Warner Media

I’m here at a wedding reception in Midway right as the leaves start to turn, and who better to film it than our vendor spotlight this week.  She’s a new mama to a cute 2020 baby, and is very passionate about all things photography and videography.  My name is Michael Tobian, and the spotlight this week is Cali Warner Media.

Mike: Hi Cali, how are you today?

Cali: I’m great, how are you?

Mike: Good.  Thanks for joining us.  Couple questions – so I know you were raised in Utah, you’re a lover of the mountains which is the beautiful setting we’re in right now.  Tell us about your work, what makes you unique, and how you got in to this business.

Cali: Yeah, I started out with wedding photography and commercial photography, and as soon as I clicked over the button to the video I realized I could make people and emotions come to life.  My first wedding video, after I delivered it the bride and groom called me crying and they’re like “oh, we didn’t realize we needed this!”  That’s when I fell in love with videography, that’s when I realized I could capture emotion and, with music, that timelessness in video.

Mike: Great that’s beautiful.  You also do commercial work too.  What do you do more of? Wedding stuff, commercial stuff, and how do you balance all of that?

Cali: That’s a good question, that’s something I’m trying to work on.  But I do pretty much 50/50.  Commercial I work with a lot of restaurants, small businesses, and then national brands.  And this year has actually been helpful to balance that with Covid and everything because I shoot a lot in my home studio and so that’s something that I can deliver remotely.

Mike: Yeah, and there’s probably techniques that go to both different genres and make you unique and special that way.

Cali: Yes, oh yes.

Mike: Thank you so much for joining us today and good luck with this wedding and we’ll let you get going.

Cali: Thank you so much.

Mike: And thanks for visiting our vendor spotlight this week.

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