Vendor Spotlight – River Bottoms Ranch

“We feel having the land in our lives has been an opportunity to provide a greater sense of home to the community where we live. This land has been in our family for several generations.

River Bottoms Ranch is a place to create epic and magical memories for brides, families, businesses, and individuals who are called to the mountains for celebrations, work, or reconnecting with nature.”

Our spotlight today is a beautiful venue located in the mountains of Midway, Utah.  It was meticulously designed with events in mind, and it’s one of the most special places in Utah to hold a wedding reception or private event.  Today’s spotlight is the River Bottoms Ranch.

Mike: Janica and LeAnne, thank you so much for giving us a tour of the River Bottoms Ranch.  I know this venue was meticulously designed specifically for events, so tell us what went in to that?

Janica: So when we designed River Bottoms Ranch about four years ago (we’re a new facility we’ve only been a couple of years), we took into account all aspects of the event, from catering to lighting to design to aesthetics.  And we contacted those that were most knowledgeable and most informed about those aspects and said “what would it take to create the most perfect venue for you?”  We reached out to caterers and planners and asked “what do you want?”  

So what is great is that they really designed it, all of these professionals.  We took their feedback and really created something special here, down to the aesthetics, but also down to the details of the sound, the electricity, and as you know those things are really important and can make all the difference.

Mike: Oh absolutely, having enough power for bands and things like that.

Janica: There’s so much behind the scenes that it really takes a certain facility to be able to host certain events.

Mike: Right, and you do mostly weddings but certainly corporate retreats and events like that as well.

Janica: Yes

Mike: If you wouldn’t mind showing us around can you tell us about the different aspects of the venue?  The pavilion and some of these different areas?

Janica: Yeah absolutely.

LeAnne: So as you guys have seen today – all the amazing pieces we have here at River Bottoms Ranch – I think that’s truly something that all of our clients fall in love with, just how beautiful the property is.  The access from the international airport, to Park City, it’s just such an easy access location.  And we’re here on 23 acres so from the gorgeous views of Timpanogas to the Provo river running through the back part of the property.  

And behind us today is the pavilion, which is what we just added to the property.  We couldn’t be more excited about it!  It’s a beautiful space that really compliments the rest of what we have here.  It adds a backup plan for ceremonies, extended cocktail hour for corporate events, really you name it, so many options.  We’re so excited to see what our guests and clients do in that space.  We love to share the beauty we have here at River Bottoms Ranch.  

Mike: Well thank you so much for the tour, we don’t often get a tour, but it’s always so special to do an event here.  So thank you for your time, and thank you for watching our spotlight this week.

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River Bottoms Ranch at sunset.  Vendor Spotlight Video, River Bottoms Ranch, Utah Live Bands, Michael Tobian interviews Janica Horner and LeAnne Brandenburg
Vendor Spotlight Video, River Bottoms Ranch, Utah Live Bands, Michael Tobian interviews Janica Horner and LeAnne Brandenburg

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