Vendor Spotlight – Melissa Fancy

Our spotlight today is a wedding planning company that we’ve worked with for many years.  They focus on Deer Valley and Napa Valley weddings, however they love to do destination weddings all over the country.  They have a strong attention to detail and they work with vendors that share a commitment to high standards.  Our spotlight today is Melissa Fancy.

Mike: Thanks for joining us Melissa, it’s good to see you.  We’re doing a small event here at the Stein Eriksen Lodge together.  I wanted to ask you, one thing I love about your events is that they’re not formulaic – you really seem to cater the event to the tastes of the couple.  What kinds of special things do you do to accomplish that?

Melissa: I spend a lot of time with my couples and their families leading up to the weddings, I pretty much just do full service.  Wherever they are in the planning process is where I start with them, so I have unlimited phone calls, zooms, texting, meetings with them. A lot of my clients are destination (you know that I travel constantly, in non-Covid times), so if my clients are in LA or NY or wherever they are I will make the effort to go and spend time with them and go shopping with them so I can get the touch points of the things that might be fun to pull in to their wedding or are expressive of their personalities. With weddings it’s their first expression of a couple to their guests, so for me it’s really important to pull out even small little details and layer them into the wedding day.  I think it really makes it feel more special.

Mike: Yes of course, and it’s probably particularly challenging right now because Covid-19’s going on and we have all these different elements we have to navigate while we’re doing these events.  What things are you doing different during the pandemic?

Melissa: So this particularly wedding was really an interesting and fun one because the bride was also in agreement that we should focus on making it safe and healthy for everyone.  Not scary, just wonderful.  So we did a lot of things, down to custom laser engraved charcuterie boards for every guest that had their name on them so that they could enjoy their own charcuterie instead of just mixing the charcuterie all together.  

Mike: That’s very creative.

Melissa: We still did it, we just changed how we did it.  You know?  And we made it very very personal and now all the guests get to go home with these beautiful cutting boards and custom blankets and everyone gets their own.  We didn’t want it to limit what we were doing, we just changed the game and made it even more special.  For instance, every place card isn’t a normal place card, it’s a menu with a four or five course meal and their name is at the top.  The guest would go sit down at their seat, get their beautiful charcuterie board, again with their name on it, and it just went through the night that way.  Like the wine pairing for every single course is just so special and unforgettable.

Mike: Yea and what’s interesting is because it’s such a small event because of Covid-19 there is something special about that too, it’s intimate.  Well thanks so much for joining us today, and thanks for listening to our vendor spotlight this week.

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