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I am at Sundance today, we’re providing entertainment for a wedding reception at the rehearsal hall. The event planning company that we are working with has a reputation for providing meticulously planned and beautifully executed events. They’ve won best of state awards, and the owner is the president of WIPA, and industry association that we are involved with. My name is Michael Tobian And this is the Utah Live Bands vendor spotlight of the week, Fuse Weddings

Mike: Hi Mara, how are you?

Mara: Hi Mike, I’m good, how are you?

Mike: Great! I am so excited to be doing this event with you tonight and I’m actually just excited to be doing any event in 2020. 

Mara: Oh my gosh, no kidding, right?

Mike: So tell us what you’ve got going on tonight.

Mara: We’ve got a wedding for Hailey and Fletcher, 150 people up here at Sundance. The weather is perfect, we’ve got an awesome band, a plated dinner, we’re ready to roll.

Mike: Thanks, well will you show us around?

Mara: Yeah, absolutely, let’s grab our masks and check it out. 

Mike: So, 2020 has been crazy, and we have adapted in ways that we never thought we would in the past. We have these sanitizing stations, and we are providing cleaning services and all this kind of stuff that we’ve never done, we’ve done entertainment. So in what ways are you adapting to Covid and to the expectations of your clients?

Mara: I think the biggest change we’ve had is that we have taken everything that we used to do on a grand scale – you know most of our weddings were 200 or 300 people, sometimes more, with a lot of intimate moments at the wedding where people are very close together and in close proximity – and we’ve taken that and applied it on a micro level. For smaller guest list we have eliminated touch point services, we’re serving food in a different way, most of our weddings are plated like our wedding tonight.  We are eliminating things like charcuterie boards where everybody is touching the same stuff, and we’ve been utilizing your sanitation services which has been awesome. I think just making sure the masks are available and hand sanitizer and all of those kinds of things I think has been awesome. Clients are trusting us as professionals to do it right and I think we have been. 

Mike: Yeah, and I think we’re all learning that we actually can put on events this year. Like this, this looks amazing! I would have never thought that this was a COVID-19 type event. We’ve had a lot of discussions with this event on “how are we going to minimize dancing so we’re following all the guidelines from Sundance and the state.” And we’ve just really appreciated working with you because you’ve taken everything seriously, you’ve been a major leader in the industry through all of this.  I know you’ve hosted some zoom meetings where we’ve talked about how we’re going to safely do events this year.  We’re glad to be doing this spotlight on your company because you’re so impressive, we have a great deal of respect for you, and we appreciate you taking some time with us.

Mara: Thanks, I appreciate you guys so much too!  You’ve always taken great care of our clients and I think anybody that’s willing to work with us and do the events in a way that is respecting guidelines and ensuring that we’re following these mandates is a relief.  So thank you.

Mike: You’re welcome, thank you so much.  This has been the vendor spotlight this week, join us next week.

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