Vendor Spotlight – Branson Maxwell Photography

I’m here at the River Bottoms Ranch in Midway, Utah at a wonderful wedding celebration.  Our spotlight today is a photographer and videographer that has traveled to over 65 countries.  His work is highly influenced by nature, wild flower bridals and forest wedding shoots are a specialty of his.  This week’s vendor spotlight is Branson Maxwell Photography.

Mike: Hey Branson, thanks for talking with me today.  

Branson: Of course.

Mike: So a couple questions for you.  You have a unique style of videography and photography.  Tell me about that.

Branson: So I specialize in fine art photography and videography which is a style that’s more focused on body and form and design than it is on the actual settings.  A lot of people can take photos really well, but with fine art photography you’re also putting in posing and design and all these other elements that make a really good photo stand out.  That’s what I specialize in, is fine art, then I also pull that in to my videography as well.  

Mike: Ok cool so tell me about that, not a lot of people do both genres.  What is cohesive about a client hiring you to do videography as well as photography?  And do you prefer that they hire you for both?

Branson: Yeah I love doing both, I think every couple should hire the same company or the same person to do both because you’re going to have a very cohesive style between your photography and your videography.  You don’t want to get back these bright and beautiful and happy images and then get this dark and moody video. Or different colors, or a different story being told.  If you hire the same artist to do both you’re going to get a more cohesive, a more coherent photo and video.

Michael Tobian of Utah Live Bands interviews Branson Maxwell, photographer and videographer, for this week's Vendor Spotlight Video

Mike: Ok so it’s about cohesiveness.  And when that happens do you have a team of people?  Because obviously you’re not going to be able to do both yourself.

Branson: Yeah I’m not going to hold two cameras, we have two bodies and two cameras, one for photo and one for video for everything going on.  And the nice thing about that is we work together, we know exactly where we should be standing, instead of working with a different vendor that we don’t know – where do they want to be during the ceremony, or the first look, or anything like that.  We always know exactly where the photographer and the videographer are going to be planted.

Mike: So there’s a lot of coordination there and I assume with editing you’re trying to get a similar look, similar brightness, similar feel, and trying to tell a whole story with all the media.

Branson: Yeah we do it from the beginning, from the getting ready coverage, all the way to the ceremony, the reception, the sparkler exit, and try to tell the full story in both photo and video.  My style is very bright and happy and warm.  It’s very light and airy, which is what I feel weddings should be like.  You don’t want to look back at your wedding and see “oh that was a moody, scary day.”  It’s usually their happiest day, so I’m try to reflect that in my editing.

Mike: That’s really cool.  Well thanks so much for joining us today, and we’ll see you next week on our next spotlight.

Branson: Of course, thanks for having me!

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