Wedding Sanitation Package

Many wedding couples are concerned about the safety and government restrictions for events held during the COVID-19 pandemic. Utah Live Bands has teamed up with Morning Rain Cleaning Solutions to provide a sanitation package to help you and your guests stay safe at your event. The state of Utah has issued guidelines in their 3 phase “Utah Leads Together” plan for recovery from COVID-19. The summer and fall of 2019 falls under phase two of the plan, in which Utah encourages “increased cleaning regimen” during events. The sanitation package includes the following:

“Farmhouse Design” hand sanitizing station
  • Site visit (if needed) and consultation with planner or venue
  • Staff that will continuously clean touching surfaces of your event throughout the duration of your event, including door handles, railings and other high traffic areas. Staff will be dressed appropriate for a wedding.
  • Hands free, motion activated hand sanitizing stations, placed in strategic places around your venue. Equipment is visually appealing, so as not to distract from the upscale look of the event.
  • Consultation with your event coordinator and/or venue about traffic areas at your event.
  • All cleaning supplies
  • We come prepared with the latest guidelines from the state regarding event cleaning and sanitation for COVID-19

Pricing is as follows:

$350 base service price (includes all cleaning equipment, 2 sanitizing stations and site visit)

$39 per hour per cleaning staff member, in addition to base price. Billing is priced from scheduled arrival time to departure time.

An additional $30 travel fee per staff member for events in the 801 area code. $50 travel fee per staff member for events in Park City.

*note, we have a minimum charge of $800 per event. If you ONLY want to rent the hand sanitizing stations, without cleaning staff, we charge $140 per station, with a minimum of 2 stations. This includes set up, delivery, cleaner and take down and extra supplies. For custom options, please contact us for pricing.

Why hire Utah Live Bands for this service? Because we are an award winning wedding service provider with 15 years experience in the Utah wedding industry. We know all the event planners and all the venues. We know how to follow a timeline and communicate effectively with your wedding staff. We know what to wear and how to behave at your important event. We have also teamed up with professional cleaners. We want you to feel at ease and safe during this uncertain time! We look forward to working with you!

Check out our Farmhouse Hand Sanitizing Station design:

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