Vendor Spotlight – Pepper Nix Photography

I’m at the home of a major influencer of the wedding industry in Utah.  She’s photographed over 800 weddings in her career, but perhaps more impressive is her ability to light up and energize any room she enters.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Pepper Nix Photography.

Pepper: Hi Michael, how are you doing?  Come on in!

Mike: Thanks so much for meeting with me, Pepper.

Pepper: Of course Michael

Mike: It is so funny to interview a photographer because you spent the last ten minutes taking fuzz off my shirt and making this was going to look good.  I appreciate that.  Let me ask you this: you’ve told me before that you think of yourself as a wedding historian, you like to capture things in the mindset of a historian.  Tell me about that, why is that important to you?

Pepper: I look at weddings as this is a moment in time, it’s one day, but it’s the start of a new branch, right?  So I’m always thinking about the generations that are going to come afterwards.  This couple is going to have children and maybe grandchildren and great grandchildren, and I want those people who aren’t here yet to know what that day felt like.  I want them to know how in love their parents are on that day, and so I do see myself as a historian.  A hundred years, 200 years from now, people are going to look at these pictures and just cherish it and say “oh my God, look at my great grandma and how happy she is!”

Mike: I love looking at old pictures like that because it kindof brings out some kind of an emotion about the time, and much better than you could read somewhere.  That’s very interesting.  Another thing that I’ve noticed is that you tend to spend a lot time with your clients.  You’re helping them, you’re becoming their friend, I know you give them referrals sometimes, you refer us (we appreciate it).  Is that just a part of who you are or is that purposeful?

Pepper: It’s purely selfish, purely selfish!  This is a true fact, people tend to be happier and smile more when they’re hanging around their friends.  So I like to live by the philosophy “don’t be a jerk!” If I can help take away stress at all – you have these couples, they’re coming in, they’ve never been married before and they’re honestly just like a deer in the headlights.  They’re like “I don’t know what to do” and I’m like “great, what do you need?  Do you need an amazing band?”  And by the way, when your bands show up everyone is on the dance floor.  And so again, very selfish, because I get amazing photos of it. 

If my clients are happy, if they’re relaxed, if you can do anything at all to minimize their stress. I mean, having them go online and try to find a vendor they need, maybe they need a florist or a cake designer, and looking through all these people rather than just say like “hey, by the way, here are three amazing florists, check them out. This is the band you want, this is the music you want, this is who you gotta call.”  I mean it’s just, help them out, take their stress away.

Mike: Oh I’m all about that, I think that’s beautiful.  Well thanks so much for joining us today, you’ve got a beautiful home, I’ve been here before.

Pepper: Thank you, you have excellent taste!

Mike: Thank you so much, and thank you for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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