Vendor Spotlight – Blue Sky Ranch / Auberge Resorts

Today we’re at a luxury Utah venue which boasts 3,500 acres of private mountain escape.  Only 35 minutes from Salt Lake, they are known for taking a highly personalized approach to each and every detail, from planning and event coordination to custom menu planning.  Here you can even ride a helicopter to a high alpine location for one of the most unique wedding ceremonies you could have.  Our vendor spotlight this week is Blue Sky Utah, Auberge Resorts.

Adam: Joe thanks for joining me today.

Joe: Thanks for having me.

Adam: So I will tell you, I have done dozens of events up here over the years, and I am constantly amazed at the variety of spaces you have here on property.  Tell me some of the spaces that you’ve got up here at the resort?

Joe: Sure.  So we’re spread out over 3,500 acres so we have multiple little venues throughout.  Some of our more notable ones – we have our arena which is really our main ballroom, and that’s about 8,000 square feet.  Right next to that we also an adjacent ceremony lawn that we can do outdoor events or we can use that as part of the event center for weddings and other events to do receptions there before they go into the arena.  We also have our Remuda with is 40,000 square feet.  We can do anything there from cowboy type events such as horsemanship displays or other competitions, or also larger events for using it as a musical venue.  We have some more remote event spaces throughout the property.  We have two yurts, one is a little higher up on property and can fit about ten people.  Versus another one that we have a little bit lower that has a little bit more of a patio area and decking.  So you can do ceremonies or receptions, before going in and doing events up to 15 people.  We also have a tavern space that we can do events at that’s, funny enough, an old boy scout hut from back in the 1920’s from here in Wanship that was moved up there in the 70’s that now we’re using it as a little event space and a fun little backdrop to events.  

Adam: That’s great.  Of the spaces that you’re talking about the ones that I’ve spent the most time in are the arena and the terrace and I love the layout down there.  The terrace is great for a ceremony with the sunset in the background.  The arena is great both to be a guest at but also to work at.  It’s easy to load in and out of, it’s got all of the amenities and the parking you could possibly want, and then you come just up the hill and you’ve got this gorgeous new lodge.  This is my first time here (at The Lodge), and it’s beautiful up here!  

Joe: Welcome, and thank you.

Adam: Tell me a little about The Lodge, about the construction here.

Joe: Sure, so we opened the lodge in June of 2019, we have 46 rooms here, the campus of The Lodge itself sits on about 30 acres, and there’s about 5 different room types.  So from the main lodge that has 19 rooms that range from our entry level to our two bedroom suites, to our earth houses that you could just see out the window here that are our middle tier that are about 750 sf.  They have outdoor showers and outdoor fireplaces.  And then a really unique product down there, what we call our “creek houses” that sits over Alexander Creek.  They’re all standalone units on stilts literally over the creek.  

Adam: I love it! Some of the coolest most unique events that I’ve ever performed at were here at Blue Sky Ranch.  Ones with custom tailored cowboy hats, we’ve done concerts, we’ve done weddings, and sometimes multiple events on property on the same day.  I hope at some point I get to ride the helicopter all the way to the top of the mountain, that would be great!  You must be able to hold lots of different types of events here.  What’s your capacity?  What could you do here in a day if people wanted?

Joe: When it comes to weddings and social events, we really like the bride to be the focal point of that day, so we really don’t try to do more that one wedding a day here on property. But with that being said, we could also do multiple other events from corporate to social, to even some more charitable events or fun things that are more active, such as concerts or animal involved cowboy displays.  

Adam: Sure, lots of daytime activities for people, lots of adventuring if they’re here for a whole weekend, things like that.  

Joe: The point of this property is to reconnect people with nature and everything that the land can offer around us.  So we really try to bring that into our events.  So whether it’s down at the arena and have that sense of place, or you’re getting a beautiful view not only the mountains but where the horses can come right up to that reception area and doing things with our local partners such at the falconry, folks that can come in that display the different falcons that are native to us here, or other displays that we can use which mentioned with the hats using Burns downtown, but a lot of great partners in this area that we use to elevate our events.

Adam: Well we are honored to be one of those partners, I hope we get to work together a lot here in the future.

Joe: Looking forward to it.

Adam: Thanks for joining me, and thanks for joining us for our Vendor Spotlight of the week.

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