Vendor Spotlight – Cake. by Alessandra

We’re here today with an artist whose tools are flour and sugar.  Her work is both eye-catching and delicious and is often the centerpiece of a wedding reception.  Our vendor spotlight this week Cake. by Alessandra.

Susanna: Well good morning Ale, we’re so excited to be here.  

Ale: I’m excited to have you guys here too, thank you.

Susanna: Thank you.  So um I just had a couple questions for you.  What would you say is your cake decorating style?

Ale: That’s a good question.  I feel like we work with so many different planners and so many different clients that to me it was really important to learn and master many different styles of cakes. That’s what I’ve been doing because I feel like it’s their wedding, and it’s their vision, so as a cake decorator I like to fill in what they need.  We can do fondant, butter cream, we’ve done 3D items, gravity defying cakes, sculpture cakes, rustic, and also like super classic and decorated with all the piping details.  So all that to me is really important and I try to keep up with the trends. You know weddings, the trends come and go.

Susanna: They do.

Ale: Yeah, as an artist I feel like being able to show and give the client that spectrum of diversity helps them too. So I would say my style is cake. I love it because anything that has to do with cake is what I like to do.

Susanna: Ok cool.  So what would you say is your favorite cake to make?

Ale: That’s a good one too.  I am from Brazil, so I love the Brazilian cakes.  It’s a little bit different. I love all cakes, but I have a passionfruit truffle cake that I really love. It has a passionfruit mousse, and truffle, and it has that perfect sweet and tart mixture. So that’s flavor wise one of my favorites.  Design wise I love really love everything. It’s just my therapy, I love making cakes.  

Susanna: That’s cool, that’s very cool.  For wedding cakes in Brazil do they look like American wedding cakes or are they different style wise?  

Ale: In the past they used to be different, more like sheet cakes that were decorated because we have this much cake (small amount) and this much filling (large amount), so it would not hold being stacked.  What they do now is they do a display cake made out of styrofoam, all nice and decorated, and then have a kitchen cake with, you know, tres leches, or the caramel.

Susanna: The really good tasty stuff.

Ale: Yeah because our fillings are very custardy, and with fresh fruits.  That, as you know because I know you love cakes too, doesn’t stack very well.  You know it will slide, within an hour.  So that’s what the Brazilian wedding cakes are like.

Susanna: And then I know you’re changing your name, do you want to tell us about that?

Ale: Yes!  So this is kindof an exclusive.  It’s kindof a process, but we are in the process this year to rebrand. As we were thinking about the name, it’s really a hard decision but we decided to do something clean and simple that goes with what I like to do which is cake.  So we’ve kept it simple as Cake, period.  And it’s going to be really fun, I’m excited.

Susanna: That is exciting.  

Ale: We’ll hopefully be done by the end of the year.  You know there’s a process of things.

Susanna: Yeah it takes some time.

Ale: I’m really excited, it’s going to be awesome.  

Susanna: Well thank you for having us Ale!  It’s been great talking to you.  

Ale: Thanks for coming to visit.

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