The Grand America Hotel

Our spotlight today is a magnificent property that lights up the Salt Lake City skyline from every angle.  Built in 2001, it’s a 24 story luxury hotel that features handcrafted Richelieu furniture, original works of art, and year round family activities.  Opulent ballrooms and meeting spaces are perfect for weddings or corporate events.  Our Vendor Spotlight this week is The Grand America Hotel.

Adam: Hi Becky, hi Bailee.  Thanks for joining me here today.

Becky and Bailee: Thank you.

Adam: The Grand America is such a diverse property with so many different spaces.  Can you tell me some of what The Grand America has to offer?

Becky: Sure, we are part of the events team here and we do several different types of event throughout the year.  I’ve been here ten years and there’s really never a dull moment.  We do anything from corporate awards dinners to family gatherings, and of course several different types of weddings.  We’re also a convention center hotel, so we compete against The Salt Palace.  We have 75,000 sf of banquet space, plenty of options for large groups. We can host anywhere from 1,500 – 2,000 people, even more if we combine out meeting space and guest rooms with The Little America, our sister property across the street.  And of course we have our beautiful center courtyard where we can do events as well.  There’s nothing like that in Salt Lake City.  There’s a reflecting pond, two fountains, some beautiful bronze sculptures, and our grounds team always makes it just look stunning throughout the year.

Adam: The courtyard is gorgeous, as is the rest of the hotel.  Some of my favorite events I’ve ever done have been here. I’ve been here for Thanksgiving and Christmas and watched thousands of people come through with their families.  There have been times where we’ve done numerous events here on the same day in different spaces and every one feels unique and special and separate.  And The Grand America is such a unique property here for Salt Lake.  Can you tell me some of what makes it unique and some of the history of The Grand America?

Bailee: Definitely.  So The Grand America was actually built in 2001 in preparation for the 2002 winter olympics.  This was definitely one of the highlights for a lot of travelers to come here. Our owners, Earl and Carol Holding, put a lot of time and effort into hand picking all the things you see around the hotel: all custom drapes, all custom chandeliers, all the way down to the floor and the marble.  So very unique details you can see throughout the property.  We also have a lot of historical artifacts or antiques as you would say around the hotel, and we actually have an art stroll that you can take and look around. So a lot of care and a lot of detail have been put into this hotel.  We also have out Garden Cafe which is known for its wonderful Sunday brunch, it brings tons and tons of people in, as well as our afternoon tea which is in our lobby lounge and it’s become one of the staples of Salt Lake City as well.  And then also our spa just recently renewed their 5 star rating with Forbes, so we’re very proud of them.  It’s one of the only spas in Salt Lake that has a Forbes 5 Star rating.  So there are a lot of great, unique things that you can find here at The Grand America.  

Adam: It’s unlike anything else in Salt Lake City.  We love working here, we’re all hoping for a very busy year this year, so thanks for joining me and thanks for watching our Vendor Spotlight of the Week.

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