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Live Music for Corporate Events
October 26, 2015

Utah Live Bands can put the electrodes on your next corporate party and bring electric energy to liven up the mundane, ordinary office party. A company party is quite often the highlight of the social year for any business. As the holiday office party planning starts to rev up, one thing you'll want to get right is the entertainment.   Ideas your employees will go wild over: CORPORATE EVENT BANDS will get the energy flowing in a sure fire...

Unique Corporate or Company Event Ideas
May 16, 2014

To avoid throwing a corporate/company party that’s just white noise, here are some ideas that will help make your event unique and memorable… Entertainment Bands: There are many options when it comes to bands, you can have anything from a variety band (playing popular music from many genres) to a specialty band that provides specific music styles like Latin, Jazz or Country.  Depending on the theme and budget of your party you...

Trends for Corporate Events in 2014
March 26, 2014

Trends for Corporate Events in 2014 Registration Paper registration is a tried and true way of logging event registry but its time has come and gone.  The digital age is here and with it comes a faster, easier, and more eco-friendly form of checking in.  With digital registration on a computer or tablet there are no more missing or misspelled names.  This will not only make the guests happy but will also take a huge burden...