Adult Birthday Parties 

Birthday celebrations are some of the most momentous and memorable parties anyone can attend.  They are filled with friends, family, and nostalgia.   As we grow older, some individuals may be less inclined to have a princess or cowboy party.  We might live in a society that dotes on the young but that does not mean a 40th, 50th, or 90th birthday celebration has to be any less spectacular.  So, how do you throw an amazing bash for an older crowd?  Here are some tips for planning an adult birthday party.

One of the ways to really make a party stand out is to base the get-together around a theme.  Themed parties are an excellent way to design elaborate decorations, games, and atmospheres.  If you aren’t into themes you can celebrate your birthday boy or girl by doing just that, have them as the theme! The color scheme would be based around their preferred colors, decorations based on their favorite designs and memories.  Food at the party would be all of their favorite snacks and drinks, the more unique the better. 

Aside from picking an approach to your party, there are some additional guidelines that will help you as you plan for the big day…

-See that the parties’ location is setup in a way that allows for proper flow.  Try to avoid having food or drinks in a place that can be confusing to decipher or easily congested. See some of our favorite venues here.

-Get a photographer.  This may not seem like a necessity but it will make a world of difference after the fact, especially if it is a landmark birthday.  Of course the best option is to pay a professional to get the best results but if you don’t have the budget for it the best thing to do is delegate photography to someone specific.  That way you will insure that someone is capturing every valued moment.

-If you are providing drinks follow these easy strategies to keep up with demand:  You should have one pound of ice per person, that may sound like a lot but this is assuming that each person is going to have two drinks in the first hour and one drink for each following hour.  Always overestimate for food and drinks rather than underestimate.  It’s better to have too much that you have save or give away than not have enough.  Step it up a notch with our flair bartenders.

-Some fun activities you can have at your party are an interactive photo op like a photo booth or video maker.  You can provide cardboard cutouts or other pictures of the special guest so that party goers can take goofy photos with them in playful situations.  Having some kind of entertainment area like a room for viewing a slideshow or playing games makes it easy for guests to know where to be if they like that sort of thing or where to avoid if they don’t.

-For show stopping entertainment you may want to hire a professional.  Some ideas include booking a party band, aerialists, roaming performers, a magician, flair bartenders, or themed bands (70’s, Country, Gatsby, etc…)


There are many ways to throw a great birthday celebration so keep an open mind and do whatever you think will fit the occasion best.  If there are some tips we forgot please add them in the comment section so that everyone can profit from them.

–Nikole Higgins, Communication Director,

Update as of 6-22-17:

We have offered a few other options for Adult Birthday Parties since the original post.  One of these are casino parties.  Offers a wide range of high end dealers and tables.   We also offer Utah photo booths for weddings, corporate or any kind of party.