Concert A/V & in Utah

Utah Live Bands is Skylark Productions

Skylark Productions is the full-scale event production arm of Utah Live Bands.  Skylark provides sound production, lighting, and staging for some of Utah’s largest festivals and city events each year. We also provide AV for private events in and around the state. If you’re looking for high quality sound technicians and AV services in Utah, we can help you.

Each client we’ve worked with has a different vision in mind for the size of their event or concert. That’s why we specialize in putting together custom, bundled pricing packages for AV production & rental services. We also only work with high-quality sound engineers so we’ll never offer anything sub-par when trying to save you money. In general, there are 4 event types that we tend to specialize in:

  • large production concerts.
  • medium-sized concerts
  • small outdoor concerts/events
  • Private indoor events/parties

Each of these event sizes require different levels of production (sound, staging, and lighting). Regardless of the size of your event, we are the best resource in town to get the best production for the best rate. Here’s a preview of what each of these event sizes could look like.

Event Production Sizes/Types:

Private Events (weddings, parties, & corporate)

AV & Lighting for private eventsSo you’ve picked a venue; you’ve got a great wedding band or a fun DJ; now what? Each private event is unique and may require different AV options, but rest assured we will make it sound and look fantastic. Some production companies have old or unsightly equipment–we make sure all of our techs use the best sound & best looking equipment possible. They go above and beyond to hide unsightly cables, use wireless technologies, and keep volume levels to an appropriate level.

We can provide uplighting for your room as well as stage & dance-floor lighting. Small venues & rooms require a different kind of stage lighting than an outdoor concert, but we have lighting techs that know exactly how to maximize small spaces. You don’t have to sacrifice energy just because your reception venue isn’t the largest room in Utah.

Small Outdoor Concerts

concert AV production Utah

Just because your budget isn’t large, doesn’t mean your concert has to feel unprofessional. We have some excellent outdoor stages & production packages for small, city or neighborhood concerts. Getting a good-looking stage and some basic sound & lighting shouldn’t have to break the bank. Depending on availability, we can often get the same, high-quality sound techs to help run the concert as we would use for our large, national-quality shows. Contact Us and we’ll put together a custom pricing package based on your budget.

Medium-Sized Concerts

Most city or county festival events fall into this category. You may have one or several acts performing throughout the weekend and you need a professional sound crew to make sure things run smoothly. You want a nice, big stage with great lighting but you still have to keep it within budget. There are lots of great packages we have put together for cities & other clients all around Utah.

city festival concert AVconcert sound lighting Utah

Large Production Concerts

So you’ve got a big act coming in and you’re putting on a big event. You want the best, but you don’t want to be taken advantage of. Just because you’ve got a big budget concert, doesn’t mean you should be quoted higher itemized prices. Even if you need the biggest Stageline stage with huge line-arrays, a laser show, fireworks, LED video walls, and sound to cover 30,000 people–we still have bundled prices that can help save you money.

No matter what size your concert or event is, let us help you get the best options available. We represent & manage the best event bands in Utah. So not only do we know what looks and sounds good, we know the best and most cost-effective ways to get you the production your unique event requires.

Contact Us for some hassle-free options! Check out the production website at