Utah Live Bands has recently teamed up with the state’s premiere string ensemble, String Love to provide the state with high-class, recognizable music from all the decades.  Most string quartets will perform classical music, but String Love provides more options for people who don’t just want Pachebel’s Canon or a Bach concerto; they play the Beatles & Muse; Al Green & the White Stripes; Miley Cyrus & Katy Perry, etc, etc, etc.  View their enormous song list here.

KUTV liked the concept and had us on their 1:00 show to talk about it.  Take a look:String Love on KUTV

 Video is outdated and has been removed from server

String Love & Utah Live Bands have a long history with KUTV.  The string ensemble has been on their morning show before and the station has hired the group to play for their own private functions.  Utah Live Bands has had several of their party bands play for KUTV, both on the show and for their events.

Visit String Love’s Page to see full versions of the featured videos shown on the segment.