Getting Music Students to College

Utah music students are some of the best and brightest in the country.  We have stellar public school programs that facilitate music education as well as brilliant private programs.  Award winning groups like the Crescent Super Band, the Utah Youth Symphony, the Salt Lake Children’s Choir, etc. are so proficient and virtuosic that professional booking agencies use them in their rosters as experienced performers.  The Super Band is actually headed to Carnegie Hall to perform this year.

Here at Utah Live Bands, we grew up in Utah and were fostered by this amazing youth music program.  It is so important that our young musicians have the means to continue their growth and music education.  In an attempt to “pay it forward,” ULB is offering a number of scholarships for young jazz musicians who wish to continue their progression in the craft.  If you are or know of a young person who is gifted in the area of jazz technique and improvisation, have them visit our application page.  Let’s encourage our youth to excel in their passions.  Deadline to apply is April 30th so pass on the message!