If you are planning a wedding, here is a good tip video featuring ULB staff that will help you coordinate the first dances:

“Hi I’m Stephen Tobian.”

“And I’m Mike Tobian with Utah Live Bands.  This next tip is about making sure your first dance goes smoothly. In our experience the best time to position your first dance is right before you’d like your guests to start dancing. Usually this is right after the dinner or right after the toasts.”

“Unless you’ve choreographed your first dance, most people find that a full, 4 minutes song is a little too long to be dancing alone on the dance floor.  If your band is playing the song, you can ask them to play a shortened version of the song–usually a one to one and a half minute version is plenty. The same thing applied to your daddy-daughter dance or your mother-son dance.”

“Another way to break it up would be to have your emcee invite your guests to join half-way through the song.  This is also an excellent way to transition to your dance party.  A good band can kick off the upbeat dance music right after the parent-child dances and your guests will be all on the dance floor, all ready to party.”

“These are just some suggestions from the experts at Utah Live Bands.  For more tips, visit BrideAccess.com