For those of you who ever wondered what goes into a Utah Live Bands productions, here is a video that gives you an inside peek.  The time-lapse of the band setting up covers almost 4 hours of preparation. 


  A big thanks to the Hunstman Cancer Foundation and Anne Stiba Cancer Foundation for letting us be a part of your Gala.

Transcript of video:

*Hi, this is Mike Tobian with Utah Live Bands.  We’re at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.  We’re providing a band for a big event for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.  So we’re going to show you some behind the scenes of how we get this set up, how we do a sound check, setting up the stage, and give you a little bit of an idea of what it takes to get your event going.

 *Dang straight.  They are awesome!

 *The band rocks!

 *That really was incredible.  They were awesome.

 *They were so engaging, they get you out on the floor.  They come on the floor!  What band comes on the floor?

 *Incredible! Fabulous!  I mean, I want them to come at any event I have.

 *They’re great.

 *That’s a little bit behind the scenes of how we set up for one of these events, play any event, and we do these all the time. So, thanks for watching from Utah Live Bands!

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