Britani Bateman Groove Merchants singer

For those of you who are fans of the Groove Merchants (definitlely our most popular Party and Event Band), you’ll be excited to know that Britani Bateman is at it again.  As the lead singer for the Groove Merchants and creative director of Utah Live Bands, Britani is undoutably talented; but as you may or may not know, Britani has quite the acting career.  She’s been in many commericals, plays, musicals, and movies you may have seen.  Some of her credits include: Forever Strong (the one about the Highland Rugby team, teen angst, and … oh look… is that Samwise Gamgee?), The RM (she gets to bat her eyes at Kirby Hayborne), Mobsters and Mormons (ok, this one sounded cheesy, but turned out to be pretty darn funny).

We wanted to quickly spotlight Britani as one of our top local talent for Utah.  If you’re needing an experienced singer/actor/producer, call us and book Britani.

Also check out Britani in ABC’s new original movie out Dec. 9th (she’s Tori Spelling’s right-hand lady)