This is a very good year to have a party.  On New Years Eve, I was reflecting on the year while the Dance Doctors were playing for a rambunctious crowd at the Montage in Deer Valley.  I thought to myself: “I don’t think we’ve ever had so many good party bands in Utah – The Groove Merchants, The Salamanders, High Society, The Current, Jersey Street, and The Dance Doctors.”

Dance Doctors New Years at the Montage Deer Valley
The Dance Doctors on New Year’s Eve at the Montage Hotel

That sounds like the beginning of a sales pitch, but I’m being completely genuine; let me explain:

A Brief History of Entertainment in Utah:

A few years ago, if you wanted a band that could play a variety of music from many dance genres, you had one, maybe two good bands.  Party Train was one of the only large variety bands to speak of… and they were almost always booked.  Since then, some of the greatest party bands to hit the United States have immerged right here in Salt Lake City: The Groove Merchants and the Party Crashers hit the scene with powerful vocals, entertaining choreography, and huge song lists full of top 40s and classic songs.  To this day, they still dominate the scene both in and outside of the mid-western U.S.  In addition, young new bands like the Dance Doctors brought extremely talented musicians together to add something new to the market.  Older, well established bands like the Salamanders reinvented themselves and added new elements and personnel to create even more exciting variety.

Now, if you want a variety band for a wedding or event, there are some amazing options.  You still get what you pay for and if you’re looking for the best; some definitely stand above the rest.  But if you aren’t working with a huge budget, there are so many talented bands in different price ranges to choose from.

Wedding band in utah
Grey Mckenzie at a wedding

So if you have a party in 2013… you lucky dog.  It is a good year to be hiring a band as well as other event entertainment.