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Casino Party

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Choosing Live or Recorded Wedding Music

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Holiday Christmas Planning

  We Need A Little Holiday Christmas Planning and as the song to put you [...]

Dixieland Jazz Band

The Roaring Twenties are making a comeback in everything from Dixieland Jazz, to flapper fashion [...]

Entertainment on the rise of the Silicon Slopes

Utah is known for many things: Skiing on slopes of fresh powder snow, hiking majestic [...]

Live Music for Corporate Events

Utah Live Bands can put the electrodes on your next corporate party and bring electric [...]

When to Book a Band

Planning an event–be it a wedding, corporate event, or party–usually involves checklists, receipts, and a [...]

Music: Why so popular?

There is no doubt about it: music has shaped every culture throughout all history, has played [...]

Up and Coming Artists 2014

Music is always evolving and despite all of the horrible artists and derived songs there [...]

Back to School Music Lessons

Back to School Music Lessons The days are getting shorter, school is upon the horizon, [...]