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60 Second Answers - Can your groups learn new songs?
January 26, 2021

60 Second Answers - Can your groups learn new songs? Absolutely, just be sure to give them lots of time to learn the song. Live musicians will need to learn the song in advance, and some groups may even need to purchase or create their own arrangements before performing them live. We usually ask for 30 days notice on specific song requests, though we will always do our best to accommodate requests, even on the spot. A DJ can often take...

How to Pick the Right Day for Your Event
May 8, 2017

Four factors to consider in order to pick the right day for your event. You’d think that with 365 days in a year, choosing the right day for your event should be easy-pickin's. But selecting a date for a big event is a lot more complicated than just pointing at a day on a calendar. Obviously, there’s a lot of coordination that has to go on in guaranteeing availability for your guests, your venue, your entertainment, etc. In all of that...

How to Choose the Right Event Entertainment for Your Company Party
April 7, 2017

Want to make your next corporate bash a smash? Read these five questions (and answers) to help you pick the right entertainment for your next company party. It was a disaster. A family-friendly company party that was supposed to build morale and company connectivity instead turned into a hive of sniping and griping. Why? Because the caterer/entertainment booked for the summer event was over an hour late. When they finally arrived, they didn’t...