As part of our job, we work with all sorts of sound engineers, sound companies, etc.  If you are looking to book a band for a wedding or event you’ve probably haven’t given much thought to the quality of sound reinforcement that a band uses; but if you are a musician in a band, you know that hiring the right sound people is a make/break decision.  They are either the unsung heroes or the obvious culprits.  They will make things sound great and take none of the credit, or they will make everyone in the room cringe with embarrassement.  It’s a tough business.

sound company utah


There are a few good, solid sound companies in the area.  For the bands that we own and manage: the Dance Doctors, the Groove Merchants, the Utah Swing Orchestra, etc. we make sure that we have experienced sound engineers with current technologies.  One of these companies is called Alpine Live Sound .



Here is a clip of them in action:


If you are an event planner or a band that needs good, reliable live sound.  Give us a call and we can hook you up a great sound company like ALS.  You’ll only have to experience that loud, awkward screach from microphone feedback once or twice to realize how important this really is.