Popular Utah Bands

A list of Utah’s most popular event bands

 These are our most popular Utah bands for weddings and corporate events:


The Groove Merchants

most popular utah bandsThis 10 piece band is exceptional at getting your guests out on the dance floor and having a good time.  Many bands make the mistake of leaving too much time inbetween each song.  This results in guests leaving the dance floor.  The Groove Merchants move seamlessly inbetween each tune and keep your guests engaged the whole time.  They play a large variety of music from every decade including current top 40s hits. This band travels the globe playing for the largest companies in the world. There are definitely at the top of list of popular Utah bands.

Visit the Groove Merchants website


The Dance Doctors

The Dance Doctors are made up of the best young musicians on the scene.  They play music from all the popular dance genres and are versatile enough to learn your requests.  They’ve got the look as well as the talent since the band is made up of professional, career musicians who live, breathe, and perform music every day.


The Salamanders

Cover Band Utah


The Salamanders are a trusted name in event entertainment and are definitely one of the most popular wedding bands in Utah. This 6 piece band plays high-energy music from any genre. Specifically popular in the Salt Lake, Park City, and Jackson Hole areas.

check out the Salamanders’ page


Utah Swing Orchestra

Utah Swing Band in Salt Lake

The Utah Swing Orchestra combines 6 – 10 of the finest jazz musicians in the state of Utah to play tunes of the 30s, 40s and 50s.  The band not only plays the nostolgic tunes of this era but also playes the exact same arraingments you are used to from your recordings.

check out the Utah Swing Orchestra’s page



Michael Tobian Jazz Combo

The Michael Tobian Jazz Combos have built up a reputation of being classy, talented and easy to work with.  The group sets the perfect mood for weddings, cocktail parties, dinners or any other special occasion.  From dinner music to dance music, let the Michael Tobian Trio/Quartet help make your event special.

The group is fun to work with and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.  Make sure to tell us if you have a special request that you would like us to play.  We will make every effort to ensure that the music at your wedding or event meets all of your expectations.

check out the Michael Tobian Jazz Combo’s page


Utah Live Karaoke Band

Hire Karaoke Bands in Utah


The Utah Live Karaoke Band lets you and your guests take the stage with a live band backing you.  If your guests just aren’t into karaoke, leave the singing to us and enjoy the party.

What makes the Utah Live Karaoke Band so awesome?

  • We bring a video monitor with scrolling lyrics
  • An extensive song list of tunes to chose from from all different styles of music.
  • We follow you!  If you get off track, we catch right back up to you (not the case with boring DJ’d karaoke)
  • We play all the tunes exactly like the originals.
  • We sing all the backup harmony parts so you sound good.

 check out the Utah Live Karaoke Band’s page