As my wife and I were coming up with ideas for our reception, one phrase that I would hear quite frequently was: “but EVERYONE does that.”  Having a unique wedding isn’t just about reflecting your likes and dislikes nor is it about one-uping your cousin’s reception; it is about giving your guests a night that they will distinctly remember out of the sea of weddings they will attend in their lifetimes.  There is an important difference between a “very nice night” and an evening that will stay with your friends forever.  That said, here are some ideas to make your evening unique:

Party Rockin’

If you’re hiring professional, live musicians, you are already more unique than the majority of Utah brides, so pat yourself on the back.  The most common music groups to have at a Utah reception are jazz combos or string quartets (which are great for ceremonies and background music).  If you really want to throw a party, there has GOT to be some dancing.  A DJ will be an inexpensive facilitator… it will also be far from unique.  Hiring a DJ will ensure that your dance-friendly buddies will get a chance to strut their stuff–but if you want to see people dance that you’ve never seen dance before, a live party band is essential.  The energy that comes from a great party band will excite your guests and even old Aunt Mildred will shake the dust off and have a ball.  Some excellent party bands include the Groove Merchants, The Dance Doctors, The Bandits, The Party Crashers, or the Salamanders.

The Bandits entertaining an intimate corporate party.

Themed Groups

If a generic party band is not quite unique enough, there are some other options to explore.  Themed weddings (or just music) are a great way to make your wedding stand out.  For example, The SugaTones are a high-energy dance band that specializes in Motown, Soul, R&B, and Funk classics.  They would be a great way to add a little soul to what can often be a very white-bread state.

Have you ever considered a period-themed wedding?  A 1920’s/flapper themed wedding would be a great way to get your guests involved (dressed up).  The Roadside Ramblers is a 1920’s, dixieland jazz band that can bring a period or New Orleans style flair to your wedding.  This music is fun, upbeat, and definitley unique.

Jazz band

In addition, ethnic bands are obviously a unique theme to go with.  Italian bands, German bands, Celtic Bands, Blue-grass bands, and even cowboy poets are some very unique options for a wedding.


A really inexpensive way to make sure you have music that is very unique to you is to play it yourself.  Renting sound equipment is a really simple and cost-effective music option.  Even cheaper than a DJ, an “MP3 docking station” is a professional-quality speaker set-up (with microphone if needed).  It even comes with a sound tech to set it up and run it.

Unique Ceremonies

Obviously ceremonies tend to be the most traditional part of your special day.  If you’d like to keep the traditional feel of the ceremony, a classical group like a string quartet is always a great touch.  If you want something a little more unique, check out our classical guitar/cello duo .  If you’re a little more adventurous, there is nothing quite like a bluegrass combo to set a homey mood for your walk down the aisle.

For You Crazy Types:

If you really needs something out there, you’d be surprised at what is available.  Jugglers to roam around; live statues and reptile handlers to interact (or not interact) with your guests; belly dancers, line dancers, even pole dancers.  Skies the limit really: you want an entertaining or flair bartender?  Pick the right venue and you can even get aerolists and acrobats.  Obviously these are all extreme suggestions, but hey, some people just need a little intrigue.  Check out some of the many, many entertainers.

Need some more ideas?  Send us a message on the right side of the page and we’ll give you a call to talk you through the process.