Four factors to consider in order to pick the right day for your event.

You’d think that with 365 days in a year, choosing the right day for your event should be easy-pickin’s. But selecting a date for a big event is a lot more complicated than just pointing at a day on a calendar. Obviously, there’s a lot of coordination that has to go on in guaranteeing availability for your guests, your venue, your entertainment, etc. In all of that juggling, there are some considerations that are often overlooked, but that can have big impacts on the success of your event. Before finalizing your date, make sure you’ve considered these questions Utah Live Bands has learned can help you pick the best day possible for your party.

Are There Significant Local Events Going On?

Maybe you don’t like sports. That doesn’t mean you should schedule your big event on Super Bowl Sunday. Big Sporting Events may not be important to you, but they can be a deal breaker for people on your guest list. And it’s not just sports that can cause problems. People new to Utah might be totally unaware that scheduling an event on the first weekend in April could severely limit your turn out since it’s LDS General Conference weekend. Make sure you find out about the significant cultural events going on in your area and factor them into your consideration of a proposed date.

Are You in the Middle of a Celebration Season?

One of the keys to choosing a successful date for your event is to try and avoid conflicts for your guests. Of course, that’s not completely possible. But again, do your best to minimize date conflicts by taking into account that particular times of the year might be more problematic than others. For example, weekends in May and early June are prime time for high school and college graduations. If possible, avoid these weekends and you’ll avoid conflicts. What other events do members of your community typically celebrate? Make a list and take that into account in your planning?

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Is Your Event Planned Around a Holiday?

Holidays are a mixed bag when it comes to event planning. Parties scheduled on vacation days seem advantageous because people are off work. But because people know that holidays are days off, they schedule family and travel around those days, making it less likely that your guests will be free or will want to attend your event. If your event is a family centered event (such as a wedding or anniversary party) it’s probably fine to schedule around a holiday. However, a business party or conference planned around a holiday can really under perform.

Read our tips on planning your own holiday event here.

Have You Considered All the Weather Possibilities?

Unpredictable weather is a fact of life everywhere. Whether your venue is in a Hawaiian paradise or a Rocky Mountain retreat, you still have to plan for the possibility of bad weather. And planning for bad weather doesn’t just apply to indoor events. Severe weather can affect people’s ability to get to your event. So as you’re looking at the calendar you want to consider things like when severe weather is most likely.

But temperature is also an important consideration in your planning. When you’re planning an event for the summer, it’s most likely going to be hot. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can ignore that fun fact by assuming that since it’s a party your guests won’t mind hanging outside. If the choice is between standing around in air conditioned comfort and sweating outside, which would you choose? You can make the outdoors more attractive by providing shade and ice cold drinks. But ultimately, if you envision an outdoor event then you’ll want to choose a date where the weather favors that kind of partying.

At Utah Live Bands we can’t control the weather, but we can help you to plan the best event possible. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.