The Voice

Ryan Innes is one of the most exiting upcoming artists in Utah.  In just the last couple of years you may have seen him performing sold out shows, as a featured performer at the Stadium of Fire Fourth of July Celebration or at any number of corporate events and performances.  This year you may just see him auditioning on NBCs hit show “The Voice“.  Ryan’s lips are sealed about the results but we Spotted him on the tv commercial for season 4 (second 19) and he looks like he is having a good time.

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Ryan Innes
Ryan Innes Utah

We interviewed Ryan and this is what he had to say:

Me: Ryan Innes in the flesh. How are you my man?

Ryan: Doing excellent. How are you?

Me: I’m good. It seems like things are excellent for you. I see your name all over the place now. I saw you in a tv spot for The Voice on NBC. Tell us about that. When can we tune in to see you?

Ryan: Yeah man, some great things are happening right now. I auditioned for The Voice and it premieres March 25th.

Me: So, I guess we just have to watch and find out what happens there right? No hints?

Ryan: Exactly. Gotta watch and find out how I did.  

Me: Ha ha. Will do. So it has been a little while since we have played together. I know you do a killer job with the vocal covers/piano thing. Now, it seems like you are doing a lot of the singer/songwriter thing right now as well. Do you have some specific goals with that or are you just kind of trying to see where life takes you?

Ryan: Well, you’re right I’ve done the piano/cover thing and worked as a lounge singer and done a lot of corporate work, parties, weddings, etc. but that was always a great way for me to work towards being able to eventually do my own thing as my own artist. I’ve been able to get in tons of practice, learning great songs and paying attention to the craft of that, make some great friends and contacts and have time to keep working on my own stuff. In the future I want to write/co-write and release a new record. The best one I can. I want to play those songs live everywhere I can that makes sense and go on the journey and have the experience of sharing in the love of music with an audience that feels something they enjoy from my shows.

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Me: What has been your favorite part of the journey so far?

Ryan: The little victories here and there of seeing hard work, growth, and passion come together. Whether it be on a song, vocal growth, a better show than the last, and it’s connecting with people

Me: Do you feel like you are becoming a better vocalist chops-wise as time goes on or just kind of getting more solid in what you can already do?

Ryan: As a vocalist, I’m always paying attention to my voice and how I’m using it. Always fine tuning. Always trying to do it better, easier. I would say I’ve grown and am still growing at both.

Me: Okay, I’ve got to ask about the image. You have done a great job of branding yourself with the beard, sunglasses and hat etc. You look like a darn rock star. Did that just sort of happen or did you plan it that way? What’s the story there?

Ryan: Oh my image? That all just happened. I just wore what I liked.

Me: Ha ha. Good answer. Thanks for the interview Ryan and we wish you the best of luck on the Voice. Hopefully we will perform together soon or at least get you booked on some gigs

Ryan: My pleasure and thank you! Yeah, let’s make something work and let’s make it rad. Thanks Michael!

This blog post and interview was done by Michael Tobian, Owner of Utah Live Bands