Every once and a while, a new act roles into town that is just too good to pass up.  That’s what happened when Jackson Cash, the country’s best Johnny Cash impersonator moved to Salt Lake.  He’s spent much of the last decade playing for sold-out crowds and Johnny Cash fans in Branson, Missouri.  Branson is known best for it’s phenomenal shows, variety acts, plays, and fun entertainment.

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Johnny Cash Tribute

Jackson is by, far, the best Johnny Cash I’ve ever seen.  He looks like him, and his vocals are spot on!  This guys would be perfect for a city concert, or corporate event, or variety show.  Seriously check this out:

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Utah Live Bands always looks for new acts that are interesting and exciting for people, but we rarely find tribute groups that are as authentic and solid is Jackson and his band. Even better, they have an option to add a June Carter impersonator.

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