A 50th anniversary is a big deal. We can help you make this celebration a truly once in a lifetime event.

Dear Utah Live Bands. Both my parents and my in-laws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries this summer. Help! I know this is a big deal and I want the celebration to be something the whole family will really remember, but I’ve never been to a 50th  anniversary party before and I’m not sure what we should do. What is the protocol for a 50th Anniversary Event?

At Utah Live Bands, we’re not Emily Post. So we’re not likely to give you the kind of etiquette heavy response that you’d get if you wrote into an advice column for an answer.

But one thing we do know is how to throw a great party (just check out our list of accolades and references). What we love about anniversary parties is that they celebrate real accomplishment. A couple that has been together 10, 25, or 50 years have bucked some pretty steep odds to remain together. In fact, only six percent of married couples will be able to celebrate a 50th anniversary. So, if ever there’s a reason to celebrate love, this is it.

Probably the biggest question that surrounds an anniversary party is who is supposed to host the party. Traditionally, the children of the couple take care of the event. However, if that’s not happening then it’s perfectly acceptable for the couple themselves to put on the celebration.

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When you’re planning an anniversary party, you should start by asking the couple what they want out of the event. You may be convinced that you know exactly what your parents want at a party, but you won’t really know unless you ask. It may surprise you to learn that even your unsentimental father has been thinking about this day for the last five decades–and has some specific ideas about what it should be like.

For some couples, an anniversary party is the wedding reception they never got. When you’re young, you’re less established and unless you have parental support you might not be able to afford the big party you want. For these couples, the anniversary party might include a vow renewal, dinner, and dancing.

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For others, the anniversary party is a chance to remember and reflect on their youth. For these couples, an anniversary party is really about establishing a sense of time and place. Entertainment and food can play a big part in recreating a time period. If you’re looking for a 50s and 60s themed anniversary party, then hiring a 50s and 60s era party band will go a long way to making the evening work.

Another approach to an anniversary party is to make it a family event – the perfect excuse for a family reunion, especially if your family is spread across large geographical distances. For this kind of party, a karaoke band might be just the thing to include the whole family in the fun.

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Keep in mind, that an anniversary party can be just as complex as a wedding, so you’ll want to start your planning early. At least a year before the date, you should have a conversation with your parents (or your kids if the couple is throwing the party) to get the ball rolling. The last thing you want is to find out that what the couple really wanted isn’t possible to plan in the time before the anniversary. Maybe even consider getting help from one of these event planners.

Whatever you decide to do, Utah Live Bands can help you to make a 50th wedding anniversary celebration truly special. Call us today to find out how.