Junk Percussion Band

Street Drummers Similar to Stomp

Our Junk Percussion Band is a Stomp-like band in Utah. They perform on chairs, trash cans, buckets, brooms, pots, pans, water bottles, plastic tubes, & even rubber chickens–the world is their drum set. If you would like to Hire a percussion group in Utah, call us 800-447-2576 or Contact Us at the link.

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Here is a video of this street percussion group in a larger performance–with more performers and LED buckets

Here is a video of a live, outdoor corporate performance from the trio

These street-style drummers are perfect for your next corporate event, especially if you want to create a ruckus 🙂 . Corporate event planners are always looking for new and unique performers for the corporate events; this percussion group is the perfect addition to get your guests excited. They are also easy to work with logistically, rarely needing any amplification or tech requirements.

The band can also provide an additional lighting package to go along with the show if desired.  They can also bring extra sticks & buckets so we can put on a show, and then a teach workshops or just bring audience members up to participate. They’re great at working with both adults and kids.

As far as event entertainment goes, this group is unique, fun, and easy to work with.

For larger events, the ULB Junk Percussion band can expand to a full crew similar to STOMP.

They work great for corporate entertainment as well as for concert-settings. Contact Us for more information on booking the junk percussion performers.

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