Modern Retrospect

Modern Retrospect Band

Popular Utah Wedding Band

Composed of well seasoned performers, Modern Retrospect is one of our most energetic party bands. Their expertly crafted song list will get even the most reluctant party goer dancing. With over 7 years of experience together, Modern Retrospect is a tight group dedicated to a professional show that will leave a lasting impact with your guests.

Modern Retrospect is a flexible group fronted by popular performer, Mimi Knowles. They can take care of your cocktail and dinner music with some classy background ambiance, then turn up the volume for a full party/dance set. Vocalist Mimi also can act as an MC for your event. Ceremony music and after-party DJ services are also available from Modern Retrospect.

Modern Retrospect: For more information about this premium party band, contact us, check out Modern Retrospect’s Song List, or call us at 800 447 2576.