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Utah Live Bands has teamed up with Empire Casino Parties to provide Vegas-caliber casino events that go all in when it comes to corporate entertainment. Offering the highest-quality LED gaming tables and the most professional dealers around, our casino parties are truly a cut above.

VEGAS MEETS MONTE CARLO: With emphasis on style and skill our sharp-dressed dealers are adept at both explanation and execution of all table games. Men are tuxedo-clad and female dealers wear classy cocktail dresses. These event entertainers come dressed to the nines and never disappoint. Consummate casino pros, Utah Live Band dealers have worked at hundreds of high-end casino events and always keep the action hot. Whether it’s your first time at a gaming table or you’re a bonafide Vegas-VIP, our charismatic casino party dealers will make you feel at home—across the board.

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Blackjack and Poker: Blackjack and poker are two very popular casino games that many event guests will already know how to play without instruction. Blackjack tables seat 7 players and poker tables seat 9 players, so plenty of your attendees can get in on the action.

Craps and Roulette: Our full-length craps tables are 12-feet long and accommodate around 14 players. Roulette tables are 8-feet long and accommodate around 10 players. Both games offer an exciting group environment with players making bets and winning together. Cheering and crowd interaction are key components of both craps and roulette. Roulette is a relatively simple game to play. While craps is more complex, our experienced dealers are always available to assist with instruction. We want everyone to get in on the casino fun and feel like a high roller.

Specialty Games: We also offer specialty games to add some variety to your event. Casino War, Money Wheel, and Baccarat provide your event guests with plenty of unexpected options. Most specialty games seat 7 players. Baccarat seats 10 players, so there’s plenty of gaming opportunity for all. We also host Bingo, with other games or as a standalone.

GO ALL IN WITH OUR GLOW TABLES: If you really want to make a big impression, light up your room like the Vegas Strip with our LED glow tables. Most casino party companies use lightweight tables that are cheap and easy to transport. Not us! We utilize only expensive, casino-grade tables with lighted rails and padded bumpers that go all the way around the table. Our well-built tables make your party look like the real deal. With all the gaming options at your disposal including blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette games, there’s something for everyone at our casino events.

DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE: For the highest quality casino events, look no further than Utah Live Bands Casino Parties. See for yourself in a recent demo video below:

CUSTOMIZED CASINO EVENTS: Why not up the ante? If you need Vegas-style entertainment in addition to your casino games, we can provide everything from the live band, to showgirls, cocktail servers, or even an Elvis impersonator. Our casino party planners have a proven track record of excellence in the event industry. For the full high-end casino experience allow us to put together a complete party package for your upcoming event.

HOW IT WORKS: If you’ve never had the unique opportunity of attending a casino party, here’s the rundown. Typically, you will provide prizes for you guests and we run the games. Prior to the event, we will discuss the event with you and solidify a plan that accommodates your needs and ideas. The day of the event we set up tables and make sure our professional dealers are in place. Once guests arrive, play money is given to them that can be redeemed for chips at the tables. We will also provide instruction cards that help players remember payouts and strategies for the various games. At the appropriate time, “last hand” is called, and our dealers will exchange chips for raffle tickets or totals (depending on preference.) You won’t have to worry about a thing. We also provide raffle drums and tickets, if you decide to go that route. Streamlined and simple, our casino parties provide hours of high-end casino style entertainment without any stress on your part. Ask for an event quote and leave the logistics to us.

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