We have been so proud of the musicians and talent that we’ve been able to be a part of over the years.  Utah really is a hub for incredible bands and excellent musical ability.  A decade ago, Salt Lake was not on even on the radar for national event planners or talent agencies.  Now, our bands and performers are known all over the world.  Original artists like Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and David Archuleta proved to the world that something big is happening in Utah.

Groove Merchants popular dance band  The same thing is happening for Party and Event Bands; bands like the Party Crashers and the Groove Merchants are being flown all over North and South America to play big shows and entertain audiences.  One of the showcases for new talent in Utah is playing at Provo’s “Stadium of Fire.”  Last year, local artist Ryan Innes opened for Stadium of Fire and this year, he went far on the the hit TV show “The Voice.”  This year, it’s Groove Merchants turn.

The Groove Merchants Party Band definitely has some of the best vocal and musical talent in the country and not only would it be a blast for them to play in front of thousands of screaming people, they just…plain…deserve it.  These guys have the talent and experience to ROCK the stadium!

Go to www.gigg.com and vote for the Groove Merchants to play the stadium!  Let’s show the country what talent their really is in this state.  Utah has what it takes to become a major player in the new music scene.