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ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE YOU TO PLATINUM PICTURES PHOTO BOOTHS: Platinum Pictures is a fully customizable photo booth company providing a variety of cutting-edge options for digital and social media photo booths. Every memorable party should come complete with a premium photo booth to capture the memories in—on the spot. Share your favorite snapshots to social media, edit on your phone, and text or email straight from the photo stations. Then relive your favorite party moments with friends and loved ones after the event ends, with an interactive, long-lasting photo booth experience courtesy of PLATINUM PICTURES.

Platinum Pictures Digital Photo Booths

DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTO STATIONS: Digital photo stations are a step up from standard photo booths. They go above and beyond, allowing guests to take pictures, Boomerangs, and GIFs, using digital props, filters, greenscreen shots, and more. With a wide variety of image options, the photo possibilities are endless. On top of the versatility that comes with the booths, the experience is also convenient, with no waiting for photos to print, or pictures to carry around (or lose at the event). Guests get the instant gratification of texted or emailed photos to save/edit on their phones and to upload immediately to social media. The best part is, when booking any of the Platinum Pictures Photo Booths, all photos from the event will be provided for no additional fee. Just pose away and mug for the camera, post-event your images will be sent by a shareable Dropbox Link.

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Beyond the interactive fun for attendees inside the photo booths, clients rave about the options for photo booth branding. Company logos can seamlessly be added as banners to all event photos along with custom greenscreens designed to client specifications. Whatever your vision is, PLATINUM PICTURES can provide a photo booth that fits perfectly with the event theme and audience.

Top Utah Photobooth Company Platinum

OPTIONS GALORE: The PLATINUM PICTURES PHOTO BOOTHS come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and options. Take a look at some of the offerings below.

Draped Backdrop Booth • Stretch Fabric Backdrop Booth • Inflatable Photo Booth • Dinosaur Booth • Casino Booth • Snake and Reptile Encounter Booth • Betty VW Bus Booth • Themed and Custom Booths

Outdoor Utah Photo Booths

Draped Photo Booths have become popular at weddings and upscale events. There are several elegant drape options available in gold, black and gold, off white sparkle, and white satin roses.

Platinum Pictures Photo Booths

Stretch Fabric Backdrop Booths create a clean, modern look for a more minimalistic option, with silver, gold, wood sparkle, and grey circle designs to pick from.

Platinum Pictures Utah Photobooths

Inflatable Photo Booths are the newest and most eye-catching photo booth rage, featuring multiple colors and an inviting appearance that begs to be explored. Everyone wants to step inside an inflatable photo station for the first time with their friends.

Unique Utah Photo event options

Dinosaur Photo Booths don’t just get the party started, they can quickly become the party, boasting our 15-foot-long realistic dinosaur costumes with performers inside operating the massive creatures. If you want to book a wild, Jurassic-sized photo booth experience that won’t soon be forgotten—this is it.

Utah Dinosaur Events and Photobooths

Snake and Reptile Booths give guests an opportunity to be photographed with real snakes and reptiles, all supervised by a professional animal handler. This option allows attendees to interact up close and personal with exotic creatures while also getting some important education about the care and handling of the animals. Who doesn’t want their next profile photo to be a selfie with a 6-foot boa constrictor or Burmese Python? While this photo booth is not for the faint of heart, it is a truly sssssurprising event option that guests will be talking about long after the event.

The Betty VW Bus Booth brings that whimsical touch of nostalgia to any event featuring a fully revamped vintage VW converted to a photo booth, with options for picture taking inside and out of the vehicle. Designed by local artist: Lynde Mott, this delightful option offers up unequivocally Instagram-worthy shots.

Casino Booths come complete with a genuine blackjack, Craps, Roulette, or poker table, promising guests that what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth—unless you share it to Facebook.

Custom Photo Booths can be designed to suit the style and vison of your event. If you’ve got an unusual idea for a brand-new booth that’s never been done before, PLATINUM PICTURES is up to the challenge.

Whether it’s a destination wedding, corporate event, family reunion, or small social gathering, PLATINUM PICTURES PHOTO BOOTHS provides an interactive and exceptional experience. With a wide variety of options and the ability to travel to any destination or venue, what’re you waiting for? Reserve a personalized photo booth for your upcoming event. Your guests will thank you.

PLATINUM PICTURES PHOTO BOOTHS: Every party should be captured in pictures. For more information about customized photo booths by PLATINUM PICTURES, please visit their website.

Platinum Pictures Digital Photo Booths

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