Our spotlight today is a team comprised of the lovey and talented florists Kenzie and Shelby.  Both of these women have extensive experience in floral artistry.  Each one of their clients is new and unique so they go to great lengths to create a special experience.  Today we will be spotlighting Fleur + Stems.

Mike: Kenzie thanks for meeting with me today at the Azalea Event Venue where you guys are setting up some floral arrangements for a wedding tonight.  Tell me about what you have going on here today.

Kenzie: So right now we’re working on some baby’s breath balls where they are poofy.  They totally fit a Christmas theme / winter theme, which is what she was going for. She didn’t want to go too Christmas because she wanted to make it more unique to them and their wedding, so we added some dried orange slices to it to make it a little different.  And a lot of greenery, like the eucalyptus that they’ve been using a lot in weddings these days.

Mike: Very cool, it’s very beautiful. It’s simple and beautiful and I love the way it looks.  So tell me, when somebody’s dealing with a florist for their wedding what is the process like, from meeting the couple all the way to fulfilling the event?

Kenzie: It’s starts with an inquiry, we get to know them and their likes, their dislikes, what flowers they like, their style, just all of those basic questions.  Then we move on to looking at the venue to see the space to know what we’re working with and the landscape to see if we have any other ideas of how we can make their wedding more unique.  And then we go into the smaller details like the boutonnieres and the bridal party and the bouquets and things like that.  Each one is so different so we really have to break it down. Then we can plan setup, you know we set up right before the wedding and hopefully we have enough time beforehand so that we aren’t crammed and can make sure that everything looks good.

Mike: Yeah and I imagine that people show up and say “this looks great” and they just don’t realize what went into it.  It was so much work!

Kenzie: Oh yeah!.

Mike: Thanks so much for taking a minute to meet with me today, and thanks for watching our vendor spotlight this week.

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