ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE YOU TO CAKE. BY ALESSANDRA: Cake. by Alessandra is an award-winning cake design company in Utah. After 30 years and over 10,000 cakes, original owner and namesake, Carrie, sold her business to her associate of 7 years, Alessandra. Since the transition, one thing has remained the same: Elaborate, whimsical cakes that wow wedding guests and wind-up all-over Instagram, Pinterest, and bridal blogs for their artistry and design. If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world cake designer who will accommodate your unique requests and create a delicious statement wedding or event cake for your upcoming celebration, look no further than Cake. by Alessandra.

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EDIBLE WORKS OF ART: Welcome to Ale’s kitchen, where it isn’t enough just to create exquisite looking cakes, she puts her whole heart and soul into each design to make sure it is not only delicious, but an original, edible work of art. Raised in Brazil, Ale has cherished memories of cooking and baking with her mother. After taking numerous baking courses both nationally and internationally, Ale began baking purely as a part-time hobby in 2007. This journey led her to working alongside Carrie and creating hundreds of handcrafted cakes in a profession that she is passionate about. With each cake being more mouthwatering than the last, she is constantly pushing the boundaries of cake design and impressing couples and guests at events across the state of Utah. Here is a sampling of the design styles and handcrafted cakes she can provide.

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TLC’S BEST TASTING CAKE: Cake. by Alessandria taste every bit as good as they look. Having been awarded Best Tasting Cake on TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and numerous Utah’s Best of State awards, it’s no wonder Cakes by Alessandra are in such high demand. More than ‘just a pretty face,’ these delectable desserts aren’t just to gaze upon, but meant to be tasted and enjoyed. With flavors like Bourbon Pear, Raspberry Swirl, Lemon, Hawaiian, and Almond Amaretto it’s hard to pick just one, which is why many brides and grooms select multiple slices for their guests to enjoy. When it comes to the fondant, Ale’s Cakes are a cut above. It is soft and pliable when sliced, and Ale always ices the cake with buttercream before covering with a thin layer of fondant. This gives you the breathtaking beauty of artistic fondant without the bitter after-taste. Always moist and flavorful, Ale’s Cakes are widely known for fondant that tastes like buttercream.

Does your cake design require gluten free, dairy free, or vegan options? Ale has got you covered. Not only does she always use only the finest, freshest ingredients but all the above dietary restrictions can be accommodated without sacrificing fabulous taste or design.

If you want a sampling, cake tasting can be arranged. Come see and taste for yourself why Cake. by Alessandra books out months in advance.

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PHOTO READY: Each one of Ale’s Cakes are handcrafted and ready for their closeup. Choose from hundreds of elegant designs from the company portfolio or provide a photograph or sketch and Ale can bring your vision to life. She will even match your cake flowers perfectly to your bridal bouquet and décor blooms so that the entire room flows seamlessly. Whether it’s a Gemstone Cake, Stained Glass Window Cake, Glam Cake with sugar flowers and glitter, or any custom creation that you can imagine, Cake. by Alessandra can execute your design to perfection.

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: We recently met up with Ale to discuss her amazing cake creations. She told us why it’s so important for her to learn and master many different styles, and she gives us the details on some of her favorite cakes. Enjoy our Vendor Spotlight with Cake. by Alessandra.

TALK OF THE TOWN: If you’re ready for Ale from to create a delicious work of art for your wedding or special celebration, please peruse what a handful of previous clients have had to say:

“I went with Carrie’s Cakes [now Cake. by Alessandra] for my wedding cake, and it couldn’t have been better! The ease of communicating with Ale was seamless (and I was a destination bride). Also, the tasting was one of our favorite parts of planning our wedding – we got so many great options and Ale sent us home with some to go, which we enjoyed later that night. In addition, Ale’s cakes are GORGEOUS, taste amazing and her prices are completely fair (trust me, I did lots of research). I cannot recommend Ale more – she was the perfect vendor!” – Courtney / Bride 2020

“WE LOVED CARRIES CAKES! We aren’t from the Utah area, but we planned our reception in Orem. I was recommended to reach out to Ale by Cooper Brown (from One Above Entertainment). Ale was so quick to respond, I was honestly shocked haha. She prepared a tasting box for us to pick up since our schedules didn’t match up to meet in person. WE LOVED ALL THE FLAVORS. We primarily communicated via email and her responses were so quick! She was so patient with me and helped me decide what kind of style I wanted for our wedding cake. When COVID progressed, we had to delay our reception, and she was able to make the adjusts we needed to without a problem. Our cake was a hit! Our guests would take one bite and they were amazed at how good it was!! Our cake was perfectly moist and not overly sweet with the buttercream frosting!!!!!!”

—Alicia / Bride 2020

“Ale, as soon as I saw the cake, I just about cried! It was exactly what I imagined! I loved it so much! And I was constantly getting amazing comments on it as well! Thank you, thank you so much! It really was perfect! Thank you again in helping make our day perfect.”

– Brielle / Bride 2019

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CAKE. BY ALESSANDRA: For more information about delicious and divine cake designs at Cake. by Alessandra or to peruse a sampling of her jaw-droppingly beautiful cakes, please visit their website here: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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