ULB Blues Band

ULB Blues Band

Down home blues and old school R&B are the heart and soul of ULB’s Blues Band. The core of this band is a classic blues trio – guitar/vocals, Fender bass, and drum set – then choose your spice and add a fourth player. Harmonica? Love it. Keys or organ? Yeah they’ve got that. Soulful saxophone? You know it. Just like King Curtis’ “Memphis Soul Stew,” we’ll cook it up just right.

The Groove

As experts in the art of old school blues we’ve assembled a setlist that dives deep into the great blues classics, from Memphis to Chicago, from Elmore James to Buddy Guy, Freddie King and Magic Sam, this band is legit. And of course, the master, BB King! The list is always evolving as we add new songs regularly.

Options. Man, you’ve got options

The most common lineup for the ULB Blues Band is a 4-piece, a quartet if you will, consisting of the core plus one. Our +1 is usually keys, organ, harmonica, or saxophone. But why limit yourself? If you’ve got a large event and you want a second guitar, piano, and a horn section, we say yes let’s do it! Just like Elwood and Jake, we’re on a mission to give you a blues band you’ll book again and again.

ULB Blues Band Live with Harmonica


Blues players need to love the blues, you’ve got to feel it if you want to get through to people. Our bluesmen have been studying and performing the blues for year, have played all over Utah, and know their roots music. No imposters here, their music will bring you anything but down. Did they sell their soul at a crossroads in the middle of the night? Not that we know of, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Like Robert Johnson says, They’re Red Hot.

ULB Blues Band live – I Need Someone To Need Me

Is Blues the same as Jazz?

Not these days! Blues and Jazz share a musical heritage, that is to say they come from the same place, but though their grandparents are the same they are as different now as second cousins. Blues became the music of old guitars and whiskey bars, jazz became first swinging then classy. Sometimes the blues is somebody stomping their foot to the beat and lamenting the loss of a good partner, like Etta James in “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Sometimes it’s rocking and full of energy like Stevie Ray Vaughan striking at his classic Stratocaster with the passion of a man possessed! The ULB Blues Band brings all of this together with deep rocking melodies and awe inspiring guitar solos.

Driving Wheel, Live at Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley
ULB Blues Band Live – I’ve Been Misbehavin’