Die Feinen Jugendlichen

Die Feinen Junge Herron combines classic old world beer hall accordion with vocals, trumpet, clarinet, banjo, and drums. The Herron are young, fun, and full of energy, but more importantly they are very talented musicians!

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Check out their rendition of The Beer Barrel Polka!

The group is most popular in the fall for Oktoberfest parties but is great year round for German themed events, especially for German Christmas and Holiday parties. An evening with Die Feinen Jugendlichen often starts with the traditional Ein Prosit–the TOAST or CHEERS song–where we all raise our glasses and give a nod to everyone’s good health! The is German band play polkas and tradition

Get ready to ROLL OUT THE BEER BARREL as we visit other BEER GARDEN CLASSICS like the Hofbraufhaus Song, Beer Here and more OOOMPAH! In addition to the great music guests will be able to laugh at the funny costumes the band is sporting-you might see Bavarian work pants, lederhosen, or an array of silly hats. Utah Live Bands is a one stop shop for events so be sure to ask how we can help with decor, games, equipment, and anything else your event needs. PROST!

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