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Music: Why so popular?
March 9, 2015

There is no doubt about it: music has shaped every culture throughout all history, has played a significant role in all theology, and captivates all of humanity with endless means of expression and communication. But here's the question: why music ? More than a few articles have been written speculating on the “deeper meaning” behind music as an element of society, and I’d like to provide an additional perspective. Brainiacs,...

Back to School Music Lessons
February 4, 2015

Back to School Music Lessons The days are getting shorter, school is upon the horizon, and while shopping for new school supplies you realized that you really were lax with your children’s studies over the summer. Never fear, there is always tomorrow, but just to be safe let’s make changes today. As your kids are getting ready to go back to school you should be preparing to put them back into musical practice as well. A new school year means...