Will Baxter Jukebox

The Will Baxter Jukebox combo is a cover band trio (also can be a quartet or quintet) that plays popular songs from the radio. They also perform classic, upbeat music that’s great to dance to. If you want a dance party but can’t afford a large party band, this pop trio is perfect.

3 piece cover band in Utah

Will performs all over the state and has a fun, laid-back vibe. Plus, because he also doubles as the guitar player, you don’t need to pay for extra musicians. The Will Baxter Jukebox trio is professional, flexible, and great to work with. Need a cover band for a wedding, private party, or corporate event that won’t break the bank? Look no further. Take a look at the band in action:

If you’re interested in the Will Baxter Jukebox band, CONTACT US or give us a call at (800) 447-2576 .



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