First Dance Instruction

Dance Instruction

CUSTOM FIRST DANCE INSTRUCTION: Utah Live Bands has teamed up with some of our professional dance instructors to offer custom first dance instruction. Your first dance as husband and wife should be as unique as your love story. You wouldn’t dream of planning a wedding without a professional event planner, so why leave your first dance to chance? If you really want to make a big impression, hire a skilled dance instructor to show you all the right moves. Even if you’ve got two left feet our instructors can find the right choreography for you and your forever dance partner. You’ll have your entire wedding party wowed after your fully customized, completely original first dance.  

STEPS TO TELL A STORY: You don’t have to be a professional dancer or have any formal training at all to put together a fully choreographed first dance that will impress everyone in attendance. After a few one-on-one (or virtual) sessions with our skilled choreographers, they’ll come up with a number that fits your combined skill sets and personalities. Whether you’re looking for a romantic waltz, a funny hip hop routine that will leave the crowd in stiches, or something truly personal to both you and your fiancé, our dance instructors have the training to customize an impressive first dance just for you. What’re you waiting for? Let’s get footloose and fancy free. It’s your first dance—and our pleasure to customize it.

HOW IT WORKS: Pick a song. You’ve already landed the love of your dreams—that was the hard part. Now you just need to find the perfect tune that tells us who you are and why you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Already have your first dance song in mind? Now you just have to let us know if you’d like to meet at one of our professional dance studios or if you prefer to practice virtually. Each process can be as unique as the couples involved, with flexible rehearsals based on your schedules, and choreography tailored to your personal comfort levels. But one thing is for certain, our professional instructors will customize movement to the song you choose, teach it to you in a way that is both easy and fun, and rehearse with you before the big day. You’ll be fully prepared to strut your stuff and show off your moves to a crowd of your nearest and dearest. It’ll feel like Saturday Night Fever any night of the week. Just be prepared to invite the whole wedding party up when they beg for an encore!

CUSTOM FIRST DANCE INSTRUCTION: For more information about fully customized first dance instruction, contact Utah Live Bands